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First Grade Phonics and Reading Curriculum with Spelling and Handwriting

McRuffy SE editions are available only, directly, from McRuffy Press.

Making sure a passion for reading develops requires laying a solid foundation for young learners. At McRuffy Press, our 1st grade phonics and reading materials are designed especially to build on what children have already learned to prepare them for the years to come. We offer a product line that includes the materials parents and teachers need to ensure success.

McRuffy Press learning materials are ideal for home school programs, traditional schools and more. Our products, in fact, are the classroom phonics materials of choice in schools throughout America and beyond. From workbooks to phonics activities, we deliver a well-rounded curriculum that helps students excel.

The SE Special Edition The current (©2007) 1st Grade Special Edition (SE) Phonics and Reading program is more comprehensive than the original black and white curriculum, featuring new lesson plans, new color workbooks divided by subject areas (a Language and Reading workbook, and a Spelling and Phonics workbook), six additional reading books, and a resource pack loaded full of fun and useful materials. This is the 1st grade phonics and reading curriculum that will help children succeed. McRuffy SE editions are available only from McRuffy Press. Great program - Great Value!

Now included, FREE Online Activities for
1st Grade Reading and Spelling Practice that support the
1st Grade SE Phonics and Reading Curriculum!

Find the free activities here: 1st Reading and Spelling

Free PDF Teacher's Guide (for e-Learning activities only).

1st Grade SE Phonics and Reading Curriculum (©2007):

  • The SE Teacher's Manual features 175 daily lesson plans for 1st grade phonics and reading with light scripting to make concepts easy to teach with little advanced preparation, thumbnail sketches of workbook pages, reduced-size pictures from the reading books with story text to allow you to follow along.
    Each lesson contains three sections.
    1. Lesson Objectives are clearly stated.
    2. Materials are referenced so you'll know what you need at a glance.
    3. Teaching section presents the concepts to the student. See sample lesson plans.
  • Two colorful SE Workbooks (now with laminated covers for added durability) provide a wide variety of activities to reinforce reading, language, and spelling concepts. The 1st grade phonics workbooks are spiral bound to lay flat or fold back completely. Activities cover spelling, phonics, reading comprehension, and weekly assessments.
    1. The Language and Reading (LAR) workbook contains language and grammar activities, poems, and additional reading materials.
    2. The Spelling and Phonics (SAP) workbook contains activities emphasizing word structure, spelling rules, phonics, and spelling. This book reinforces 1st grade phonics and helps make learning fun.

    See sample LAR workbook pages.
    See sampleSAP workbook pages.

  • Thirty-four color books make reading fun and interesting. Our reading books are specially written to coordinate with new 1st grade phonics concepts. Students build fluency and comprehension skills through multiple readings of the book throughout a week. Carefully scripted questions in the teacher's manual help develop higher level thinking skills needed for advanced reading.
  • Each book features a word list on the back cover. Children practice words in isolation and then read them in the context of the story. These humorous stories reinforce the weekly 1st grade phonics concepts. All books are printed in color with cardstock covers.
    See sample books:
    The Bug Bus
    The Wolf That Yelled Crow

  • The SE Resource Pack contains reproducible tests, copy masters, charts, and more. The colorful short and long vowel charts are now laminated in the SE version. See sample Resource Pack.
  • Three new items are in the SE Resource Pack.
    1. The puppet cut-outs feature characters from the stories that can be colored and made into stick puppets for creative story-telling.
    2. New SE table top games: 5 new colorful games to practice reading skills and reinforce 1st grade phonics.
    3. Coloring sheet copy master for each story.

Handwriting assignments are included in the
Teacher's Manual. Check out the optional
1st Grade SE McRuffy Handwriting books
which provide additional tracing and practice exercises.

1st Grade SE PDF samples to view and print.

Not quite ready for First Grade? See the transition package now available.

1 Grade SE Phonics and Reading:

1st Grade SE Phonics and Reading Curriculum ...$139.95
(Includes 2 SE Teacher's Manuals, 2 Colorful Workbooks, 34 Color Readers, and the Resource Pack.)

1st Grade Handwriting:

View samples of the 1st Grade SE McRuffy Handwriting books which are sold separately.

1st Grade SE Traditional Handwriting...$24.95


1st Grade SE Modern Handwriting...$24.95


1st Grade SE Cursive Handwriting...$24.95

Individual Materials:

1st Grade SE Phonics and Reading Teacher's Manual (Part 1)...$34.95

1st Grade SE Phonics and Reading Teacher's Manual (Part 2)...$34.95

1st Grade SE Phonics and Reading LAR Workbook ...$24.95

1st Grade SE Phonics and Reading SAP Workbook ...$24.95

1st Grade SE Reading Books (34 Books) ...$68.00

1st Grade SE Phonics and Reading Resource Pack ...$30.00

First Grade SE McRuffy Handwriting books are sold separately.

Not quite ready for First Grade? See the transition package now available.

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