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Second Grade Science

The McRuffy 2nd Grade Science Curriculum is a complete science program that allows students to discover science in the world around them with engaging activities, lessons, and materials that are aligned with national science standards and several state standards.

The McRuffy 2nd Grade Science Curriculum includes:

  • Teacher's manual
  • Color Workbook
  • Resource packet featuring color cards, charts, games, posters, and more

The McRuffy 2nd Grade Science Kit includes:

  • Magnet Wand and other magnets
  • Magnifier
  • Centimeter Cubes (10 colors)
  • Safety Mirror
  • 20 Piece Pattern Block Set
  • Bell wire and other wires
  • Battery holder
  • Spring Scale 2
  • Bulb Holders and Bulbs
  • Wooden magnet ring stand
  • Tornado Tube
  • Wooden cart with wheels

Other common items are used in the curriculum, but not included in the lab kit.
See the pdf sample for more details.
View and print sample lesson plans, worksheets, resource packet samples, and the Scope & Sequence.

The McRuffy 2nd Grade Science includes several units of:

  • Physical Science
  • Earth Science
  • Life Science
  • Scientific Inquiry

The McRuffy 2nd Grade Science curriculum reviews previous levels and introduces new concepts which include:

  • Weather
  • Collecting and Using Data
  • Animal Groups
  • Investing Parts of Objects
  • Electricity
  • Heat and Light
  • Magnets
  • Movement & Force
  • Exploring Mixtures
  • Plants
  • And more - see the scope & sequence in the pdf sample

View and print sample lesson plans, worksheets, resource packet samples, and the Scope & Sequence.

Science curriculums include the COLOR workbook
exclusively sold directly from McRuffy Press
(no longer available from other McRuffy retailers).

2nd Grade Science Curriculum AND Kit ... McRuffy direct price ... $87.80 (TM,WB, Resource Pack, and Kit)

2nd Grade Science Curriculum ... McRuffy direct price ... $59.95 (TM,WB, and Resource Pack)


2nd Grade Science Kit ... McRuffy direct price ... $27.95

Upgrade a K-1 Kit to the Second Grade Kit - This Upgrade Kit includes only the additional items (battery holder, bell wire and additional wires, additional blub holder and bulb, centimeter cubes, additional magnets, spring scale, tornado tube, and a wooden cart) that are not in the K-1 Kit

Science Kit Upgrade (from K-1 to 2nd grade) ... McRuffy direct price ... $14.25


Individual Materials:

Second Grade Teacher's Manual ... McRuffy direct price ... $20.00

Second Grade Workbook (Color) ... McRuffy direct price ... $17.50

Second Grade Resource Pack ... McRuffy direct price ... $25.00

Looking for other science materials such as magnets, scales, magnifying glasses, and electrical componants? Check out the Hands-On section.

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