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Second Grade Math Curriculum

All McRuffy Math Curriculums provide a solid education in the basics of math. Students develop in-depth understanding of mathematical concepts by hands-on methods. Students grasp the reasoning behind the problems.

The easy-to-use lesson plans give daily assignments. Worksheets give students the opportunity to practice and demonstrate skills. Mats, charts, and flashcards expand the opportunities to learn and support instruction. Manipulatives are an important part of this math curriculum, so be sure to use them!

2nd Grade Color Math Curriculum

The McRuffy 2nd Grade Color Math Curriculum follows the same design as K and 1st Color Math. The program uses what we call a "tight spiral" approach, covering many concepts with short activities and frequent review. The curriculum contains a detailed Teacher's Manual, colorful Workbook, Response Book, and Resource Pack containing card sets, games, posters, and more.

The program also uses popular math manipulatives (sold separately in some packages). An inexpensive kit has been packaged especially for the curriculum.

McRuffy's 2nd Grade Color Math places a special emphasis on auditory skills. Daily activities require students to listen to directions, review math skills, and record answers in the Response Book. A flippable clear plastic sheet allows students to record their answer with a dry-erase marker. The flip & check system of the Response Book allows students to check their own work.

McRuffy 2nd Grade Color Math Curriculum includes:

  • The Teacher's Manual with daily lesson
    plans, copy masters, and reference material,
  • A 156 page color Workbook,
  • The Resource Pack includes games written
    specifically for this program, and
  • The Response Book.

Concepts include:
  • Addition and subtraction (up to four-digits) with regrouping, adding up to four numbers,
  • Roman Numerals,
  • Multiplication facts,
  • Division facts to 4,
  • Reading thermometers,
  • Measuring,
  • Counting money,
  • Place money,
  • Place value to ten thousands,
  • Introduction to fractions,
  • Geometric reasoning,
  • Telling time to the nearest five minutes, and
  • Odd and even numbers.

The daily auditory exercise help build listening skills.

View and print Second Grade Teacher's Manual and Workbook Samples

2nd (&3rd Grade) Color Math Manipulative Kit
(sold separately from the curriculum)

  • This manipulative kit has everything you need to fully utilize the 2nd Grade Math Curriculum. Manipulatives make the concepts come alive.
  • Kit includes
    • 10 Base Ten Flat Cards
    • 1 Base Ten Flat
    • 20 Base Ten Rods
    • 100 Base Ten Centimeter Cubes
    • 20 10-Color Centimeter Cubes
    • 1 Geoboard with rubber bands
    • 1 Clock Dial
    • 12 Piece Pentomino Set
    • 51 Piece Fraction Set
    • 250 Transparent Circle Counters
    • 1 Dice
    • 2 Tangram Sets (7 Pieces Each)
    • 12 One Inch Cube Set

2nd Grade Color Math Curriculum (single student) ... $74.95 (Includes 2 Teacher's Manuals, Colorful Workbook, Resource Pack , and Response Book.)

2nd Grade Color Math with Manipulatives Kit (single student) ... $111.95 (Includes 2 Teacher's Manuals, Colorful Workbook, Resource Pack , Response Book, and Manipulatives Kit.)

To order individual items or replacements, see the list after the Color Math Super Kit.

Individual Items:

2nd Grade Color Math Teacher's Manual (Part 1) ... $21.95

2nd Grade Color Math Teacher's Manual (Part 2) ... $21.95

2nd Grade Color Math Workbook ... $22.95

2nd Grade Color Math Resource Pack ... $24.95

2nd Grade Color Math Response Book ... $8.95

2nd (and 3rd) Grade Color Math Manipulative Kit ... $40.50

Color Math Manipulative Kit (Upgrade from 1st to 2nd Grade) ... $18.75

Do you plan on using McRuffy Math for many grade levels?

All the manipulatives you'll need for grades K to 4 are available in one kit so you won't need to upgrade through the years. The Color Math Super Kit is also a great idea if you're teaching two or more children in different grade levels to avoid buying kits with duplicate items.

Previous Version:

Second Grade (Original ©1999 - Black and White)
Math Curriculum

McRuffy Second Grade Math Curriculum Includes:

  • The Teacher's Manual includes daily lesson plans, copy masters, and reference material.
  • Two workbooks provides a total of 160 pages
    of activities.

Our current 2nd Grade Color Math Curriculum (2008) offers the best value, and the latest, most thorough curriculum kits.

The black and white, Second Grade Math Curriculum (©1999) is
no longer available as a kit
through McRuffy Press.

However, individual replacement materials for the older black and white curriculum are available for a limited time.

Individual Items (©1999):

2nd Grade Math Workbook 1 ...$19.95

2nd Grade Math Workbook 2 ...$19.95

2nd Grade Math Resource Pack ...$4.00


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