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Second Grade Phonics and Reading Curriculum with Spelling and Handwriting

McRuffy SE editions are only available, directly, from McRuffy Press.

Making sure youngsters continue to build upon their skills and move forward in their reading is essential for future success. Our 2nd grade phonics and reading curriculum is designed to assist young learners in mastering skills so they can flourish and grow.

At McRuffy Press, our 2nd grade phonics and reading materials are used in classrooms and home school programs all over the world. Our materials are specifically tailored to help second-graders master the skills they need to prepare for the third grade and beyond. From our phonics activities to our hands-on teaching materials, we put children’s success as our first priority.

SE (Special Edition) The current (©2008) Second Grade Special Edition (SE) Phonics and Reading program is more comprehensive than the original black and white version. This 2nd grade phonics and reading program features all new lesson plans, color workbooks divided by subject areas (a Language and Reading workbook and a Spelling and Phonics workbook), and a resource pack that is chockfull of fun and useful materials.

2nd Grade SE Phonics and Reading Curriculum:

The 2nd Grade SE curriculum features color workbooks that are divided by subject areas – Language and Reading, Spelling and Phonics – with more than 100 new reading and phonics activities and an updated teacher's manual.

  • The Teacher's Manual includes daily lesson plans, and reference material. The classroom phonics lessons are integrated with language, spelling, and handwriting. Reading materials are integrated with creative writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and handwriting. The manual is published in two volumes for easier handling.
    Each lesson contains three sections.
    1. Lesson Objectives are clearly stated.
    2. Materials are referenced so you'll know what you need at a glance.
    3. Teaching section presents the concepts to the student. See sample lesson plans.
  • Two SE Workbooks in full color. These feature laminated covers for added durability and provide a wide variety of activities to reinforce reading, language, and spelling concepts. These spiral-bound 2nd grade phonics and reading workbooks can lay flat or be folded back completely. Included activities cover spelling, 2nd grade phonics, reading comprehension and much more.
    1. The Language and Reading (LAR) color workbook. This contains language and grammar activities, poems, writing instruction, and additional reading materials to reinforce 2nd grade phonics and reading lessons.
    2. The Spelling and Phonics (SAP) color workbook contains activities emphasizing word structure, spelling rules, phonics, and spelling. The weekly spelling lists are based upon 2nd grade phonics concepts.

      See sample LAR workbook pages.
      See sampleSAP workbook page




The 2nd Grade Phonics and Reading program uses:

  • 28 Reading Books to take students to a new level of reading ability while reinforcing 2nd grade phonics. Some old favorites from the first grade level are back. Emily and Elaine Rose make and solve new problems. Jonathan has a Not-So-Great-Great-Week that he's ready to tell you about. Find out the secret of a dog's talent in Francis Dances. A boy named Benny finds out how little a penny can buy in Benny's Pennies. Two hedgehogs hunt for the ingredients to their favorite snack, then share the recipe with you in Hedgehog Fudge. A girl named Mary solves a big problem in Mary, Whiskers, and the Whale.
  • On the back of each book is a list of new and review words used in the story. Children can practice the words in isolation and then read them in the context of the story. These entertaining and humorous stories reinforce weekly 2nd grade phonics concepts. All books are printed in color with cardstock covers. Most books are fifteen to sixteen pages long. See a sample book: Bobcat Cowboys

  • The SE Test and Assessment Pack contains reproducible tests for the entire year.

Handwriting assignments are included in the Teacher's Manual. Check out the optional 2nd Grade McRuffy Handwriting books which provide additional tracing and practice exercises.

2nd Grade PDF samples to view and print.

2nd Grade SE Phonics Curriculum ...$139.95
9781592692057 (Includes 2 SE Teacher's Manuals, 2 Colorful Workbooks, 28 Color Readers, and the Resource Pack which includes the Test and Assessment Pack.)

2nd Grade Handwriting:

View samples of the 2nd Grade McRuffy Handwriting books which are sold separately.

2nd Grade SE Traditional Handwriting...$24.95


2nd Grade SE Modern Handwriting...$24.95


2nd Grade SE Cursive Handwriting...$24.95


2nd Grade SE Traditional to Cursive Handwriting...$24.95


2nd Grade SE Modern to Cursive Handwriting...$21.95


Individual SE Materials:

2nd Grade SE Phonics Teacher's Manual (Part 1) ...$39.95

2nd Grade SE Phonics Teacher's Manual (Part 2) ...$39.95

2nd Grade SE LAR Workbook ...$24.95

2nd Grade SE SAP Workbook ...$24.95

2nd Grade SE Reading Book Set ...$54.95

2nd Grade SE Resource Pack ...$19.95

2nd Grade SE Test & Assessment Portion of the Resource Pack ...$10.00

2nd Grade McRuffy Handwriting books are sold separately.


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