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Fourth Grade Color Math Curriculum


McRuffy 4th Grade Color Math is available only, directly,
from McRuffy Press.

The McRuffy 4th Grade Color Math Curriculum trains children to use a combination of skill, logic, and knowledge to interpret mathematical concepts evident in the world around us. Using a spiraling approach that keeps concepts fresh, the 4th grade math curriculum covers a wide range of topics and concepts.

McRuffy 4th Grade Color Math Curriculum includes:

Teacher's Manual

Daily lesson plans give examples, teaching tips, and lightly scripted lessons to introduce concepts. The easy-to-use plans follow the same format as previous levels of the Color Math curriculum. Workbook answers are included after each math lesson. The manual is bound in two parts. The coil binding allows for fold flat use.


The colorful math workbook includes three or four activities per daily lesson. The activities include much more than a sheet of problems to solve. A variety of concepts are offered daily to teach, reinforce, practice, and review concepts. The coil binding allows for fold flat use.

Resource Pack

The resource pack includes a variety of unbound sheets. With the exception of a few sheets, the pack can be fully consumable, but can also be reproduced. The resource pack includes over 100 sheets including testing materials, additional workbook-like activities, graphing and grid sheets, and shape models (geometric solids). Included with the resource pack is a precut card set.

Several laminated posters and game boards are a part of the pack, as well as unique overlay system for comparing fractions.

Response Book

As with other levels, students grow in mental math skills and listening skills using our unique Response Book. Students record responses to teacher read auditory exercises. The format is self-checking and non-consumable. It now includes a basic skills section for mastering multiplication and division skills that ties the two skills together by building an understanding of number families. Drill sheets can be reused by incorporating the clear flip sheet and responding with dry-erase markers.

The daily auditory exercise help build listening skills.

Particular emphasis for the 4th grade includes:

  • Division skills,
  • Fractions,
  • Decimals,
  • Mental math, and the
  • Geometry of angles and triangles

The McRuffy Press 4th Grade Color Math Curriculum was designed around mathematics standards used in many states, numerous concept areas are covered.

Concepts include:

  • Addition and subtraction (up to ten-digits) with regrouping including decimals
  • Multiplication up to 2-digit x 4-digits including decimals
  • Division facts and long division, including decimals
  • Reading thermometers,
  • Measuring,
  • Making change,
  • Counting change from dollar amounts
  • Place value from decimals to ten-millions,
  • Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators,
  • Geometric reasoning,
  • Adding and subtracting times including AM and PM
  • Applying math properties including distributive, commutative, and associative
  • Graphing equations
  • Areas and perimeters of irregular shapes
  • Areas of triangles
  • Geometric vocabulary for lines, angles, solids, quadrilaterals, and triangles
  • Decimal to fraction equivalents
  • Patterns of change
  • Unit conversions for volume, length, weight, and time
  • Negative numbers
  • Variables
  • Charts and graphs including coordinate systems
  • Estimating

View and print samples of the scope and sequence, sample lesson plans, and worksheets of the 4th Grade Color Math Teacher's Manual

4th Grade Color Math Manipulative Kit
(sold separately from the curriculum)

This manipulative kit has everything you need to fully utilize the 4th Grade Color Math Curriculum. Manipulatives make the concepts come alive.

  • Kit includes
    • 1 Geoboard with rubber bands
    • 1 Clock Dial
    • 12 Piece Pentomino Set
    • 51 Piece Fraction Set
    • 250 Transparent Circle Counters
    • 3 Dice
    • 2 Tangram Sets (7 Pieces Each)
    • 12 One Inch Cube Set
    • 50 Pattern Blocks
    • Pattern Block Mirror (plastic safety mirror)

Fourth Grade Color Math Manipulative Kit Picture

4th Grade Color Math Curriculum ... $89.95
(Includes 2 Teacher's Manuals, Colorful Workbook, Resource Pack, and Response Book.)

4th Grade Color Math Curriculum with Manipulative Kit ... 124.95
(Includes Teacher's Manuals, Colorful Workbook, Resource Pack, Response Book, with Manipulative Kit.)

To order individual items or replacements, see the list below the Color Math Super Kit.

Individual Items:

Fourth Grade Color Math Teacher's Manual (Part 1) ... $29.95

Fourth Grade Color Math Teacher's Manual (Part 2) ... $29.95

Fourth Grade Color Math Workbook ..$24.95

Fourth Grade Color Math Manipulative Kit ... $35.95

Color Math Manipulative Kit (Upgrade from 3rd to 4th Grade) (single student)..$3.00

Fourth Grade Color Math Resource Pack ...$26.95

Fourth Grade Color Math Response Book ...$9.95

Do you plan on using McRuffy Math for many grade levels?

All the manipulatives you'll need for grades K to 4 are available in one kit so you won't need to upgrade through the years. The Color Math Super Kit is also a great idea if you're teaching two or more children in different grade levels to avoid buying kits with duplicate items.

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