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Language Arts

Fourth Grade Language Arts Curriculum
with Reading, Spelling, and Handwriting

McRuffy 4th Grade is only available directly from McRuffy Press.

The 4th Grade Language Arts program incorporates reading, spelling, word study, writing, language and grammar into one comprehensive program. Building upon the SE programs from previous levels, the 4th grade program goes beyond phonics and helps students gain a better understanding of the English language with studies in word structure, sentence structure, and vocabulary.

The 4th grade level offers reading materials, a complete teacher's manual, a language workbook, and spelling workbook as in the previous levels. A new workbook is added. The Reading and Writing workbook provides a wide variety of guided writing exercises based off of reading experiences.

With the 4th Grade Language Arts program, students will be prepared to take language and reading to a new level.

4th Grade Language Arts / Spelling and Reading Curriculum:

  • The Teacher's Manual features daily lesson plans. The lessons are integrated with language, spelling, and handwriting. Reading materials are integrated with creative writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and handwriting. The teacher's manual is published in two volumes for easier handling.

    Sample Lesson Plans from the Teacher's Manual

  • Two color workbooks provide a wide variety
    of activities to reinforce reading, language, and spelling concepts with challenging, engaging, and enjoyable materials to support the lessons. The workbooks are spiral bound to lay flat or fold back completely. Activities cover spelling, reading comprehension and much more.
    1. The Language Arts workbook contains language and grammar activities, and additional reading materials.
    2. The Spelling workbook contains activities emphasizing word structure, spelling rules, phonics, and spelling.

See sample Language Arts workbook pages
See sample Spelling workbook pages

  • Reading and Writing workbook featuring activities that interact with the reading books. Writing activities integrate with stories to encourage writing for different purposes. Story structure activies, character analysis, story evaluation, graphic representations, and more are covered in the Reading and Writing workbook.

  • The original stories included in the fourth grade program will challenge young readers to build on their skills and take their abilities farther. Students read a chapter a day of approximately 1000 words. Stories are bound in a three volume set. Reading materials feature a wide range of stories, some featuring characters from previous levels, plus many new characters.

McRuffy Fourth Grade Reading Books

  • The 4th Grade McRuffy Handwriting books
    assist students in improving penmanship.
    The handwriting books integrate spelling
    and vocabulary word practice.

    Handwriting Books are sold separately.

4th Grade Language Concepts Explore:

  • Sentence structure
  • Grammar
  • Language reasoning (such as analogies and categorizing)
  • Punctuation
  • Language usage

4th Grade SE Language Arts Curriculum ...$149.95 (Includes 2 Teacher's Manuals, LAR Workbook, SAP Workbook, Reading and Writing Workbook, 3 Reading Books, and the Resource Pack.)

4th Grade Handwriting:

View samples of the 4th Grade McRuffy Handwriting book which is sold separately.


4th Grade SE Cursive Handwriting...$24.95 Each

Individual Materials:

4th Grade SE Language Arts Teacher's Manual (Part 1)...$34.95

4th Grade SE Language Arts Teacher's Manual (Part 2)...$34.95

4th Grade Language Workbook ...$24.95

4th Grade Spelling Workbook ...$24.95

4th Grade Reading and Writing Workbook ...$16.95

4th Grade Reading Book 1 ...$29.95

4th Grade Reading Book 2 ...$29.95

4th Grade Reading Book 3 ...$29.95

4th Grade Resource Pack (Includes copymasters and tests) ...$6.00

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