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Preschool Language Arts

The McRuffy Preschool Language Arts curriculum is designed to build readiness for Kindergarten language arts including reading and phonics. The program contains 160 learning tasks as well as 57 handwriting development activities.

The materials are non-consumable so they can be reused and reviewed to provide children with lots of practice. The program features an easy-to-use, flexible format that allows the materials to adapt to the needs of the learner.

Most learning tasks can be completed in a short amount of time. The goal is not to work through the materials from beginning to end, but to practice the various tasks from different categories several times to develop understanding and mastery of letter recognition, phonemic awareness to facilitate future phonics learning, and build a solid foundation for an understanding of reading and literature.

The program uses a wide variety of materials. The Teacher's Manual gives short, but detailed instruction for each learning task. A lesson may include several tasks. The manual features color coded corners to quickly find tasks, making it easy to navigate during a lesson.

View a sample of the LA Teacher's Manual.

The Preschool Language Arts Workooks feature our Flip & Draw design. A clear plastic flip sheet coil bound into the back cover can be flipped over onto any workbook page. Dry erase markers can then be used by the child to complete the exercises without consuming the page. This allows the same page to be completed several times for practice. The pages can also be reused using different instructions and sometimes for different purposes. The laminated back cover features a pictorial alphabet for daily practice and alphabet recitation.

Flip & Draw Design (non-consumable)

The Language & Letters Workook (Flip & Draw design) contains a variety of exercises to develop visual discrimination, find opposites, classify objects, and alphabet introduction. The workbook contains 106 activities that can be used in various ways.

View a sample of the Language & Letters (Flip & Draw design)Workbook.

The Pre-Writing Book (Flip & Draw design) emphasizes basic strokes in handwriting. It also includes a letter writing section for upper and lower case letters. The goals of pre-school handwriting are to teach the fundamental strokes in letter formation and to involve children kinesthetically in letter recognition. The clear flip sheet allows the pages to be reused without reproduction.

View a sample of the Pre-Writing (Flip & Draw) Workbook.

The Resource Pack includes a variety of materials. Seven different laminated game boards are included to teach and review letter recognition, similarities and differences, opposites, rhymes, and even literature trivia. Copy masters include lesson planning sheets, coloring sheets, and various copy masters for some of the cardstock items. Cardstock items include sheets of puppet cut-outs for storytelling, sequence cards for story sequence review, and response cards. Included with the Resource Pack are over 380 pre-cut cards featuring 5 of each letter of the alphabet, plus alphabet picture cards, and cards for other activities and games.

A pdf copy of the Lesson Planning Forms is available here to make them easier to reproduce.

The Preschool Reading Book Set includes 12 books. Various literature and phonemic awareness activities are made possible using the books. Teachers read books to students. Over 50 learning tasks are associated with the reading material, many completed over multiple days to give ample material to develop language and literature preschool skills. A special emphasis is placed to rhyming and other phonemic elements over the first five books. The collection also includes two classic stories and a Mother Gosse nursery rhyme collection. Three Ruff and Violet pictures books are included - the first McRuffy Press books ever created are back in print!

The McRuffy Preschool Language Arts Curriculum is designed for ease of use for the homeschooling parent. The Preschool Language Arts Curriculum has the all the materials you need in the curriculum package.

The design of the program is a cost effect, quality, professional language arts program that is perfect for a preschool or homeschool setting. (For additional children the only materials you would need to purchase are: the Language & Learning Workbook, the Pre-Writing book, and a dry-erase marker. If you work in small groups, you only need a quantity for the small group, because the books are non-consumable. They may be reused by group after group in the same day.)


  • Fun and colorful materials
  • Uses a variety of materials: Workbooks, card sets, games, puzzles, reading books
  • Features a variety of exercises: Listening, workbook responses, teacher instruction, and game playing
  • Non-consumable: Materials can be reused by other children, or for added practice
  • Flexible design: Custom fit your lesson plans to the child's needs
  • Provides a solid foundation to transition into Kindergarten
  • Great for homeschools and preschools

McRuffy Press Preschool Language Arts Curriculum (single student) ...$99.95

Individual Items:

Preschool Language Arts Teacher's Manual... $28.00

Preschool Language & Letters Workbook... $19.95

Preschool Pre-Writing Book... $14.95

Preschool Reading Book Set (12 Books)... $25.00

Preschool Language Arts Resource Pack... $28.00

Individual Manipulative Item:

Dry-Erase Markers (Set of 3)... $4.95

Game Playing Pieces... $1.25

Craft Sticks... $2.00

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