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McRuffy's Sliders

Sliders are hands-on activities that make drilling phonics concepts fun. A slider consists of a holder and a slide. Part of a word is printed on the holder. A row of letters or groups of letters that completes the word are printed on the slide. The words change as the letters slide past the cutout window on the holder. They are easily assembled. All thatís needed is glue and scissors! Printed on white paper.

Spiralbound, softcover

Short & Long Vowels (Book 1)

McRuffy Slider (Book 1) Short & Long Vowels contains
72 reproducible sliders featuring words for beginning phonics instruction.

Short & Long Vowels (Book 1)............$12.95

Blends & Digraphs (Book 2)

McRuffy Slider (Book 2) Blends & Digraphs contains
107 reproducible sliders feature words with vowel digraphs consonant blends, diphthongs, and silent letters.

McRuffy Slider (Book 2)............$16.95

Book 1

Book 2

McRuffy's Sliders Book 1......$12.95

McRuffy's Sliders Book 2......$16.95


The Dynamic Phonics Learning Book

Ninety-eight great phonics lessons teach the essentials of phonics. Students practice on reproducible charts. The Dynamic Phonics Learning Book covers phonics concepts taught in our full curriculums.

The Dynamic Phonics Learning Book is a great tool for tutoring, home schooling, adult literacy, or teaching beginning reading.

The program was designed for those wanting an inexpensive alternative to a full curriculum that teaches the basics of phonics. For those wanting more, check out the grade level curriculums beginning on page 3.

Materials from the grade level curriculums can supplement The Dynamic Phonics Learning Book for those wanting some of the extras.

Wirebound, soft cover

The Dynamic Phonics Learning Book ......$19.95


Diagramming The Scriptures

Diagramming sentences is a very important part of fully understanding the written language, and a necessity if you want to excel in the language arts.

Learn more about and purchase Diagramming the Scriptures.

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