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Supplemental Products

Puzzle Packs

McRuffy puzzle packs help build spatial reasoning and skills. Spatial reasoning is the ability to determine how shapes fit together and how they fill a space (puzzle mat). Geoboards and three kinds of puzzle pieces are used. Children can make their own designs and mats for a creative exercise in geometry. All materials are reproducible!

McRuffy Tangram Adventure Pack

The McRuffy Tangram Adventure Pack includes the following:

  • McRuffy Tangram Adventure book features
    120 puzzle mats with 60 different designs.
    Sixty mats show the designs with interior lines.
    Sixty mats show the designs with only the outline.

  • Three 7-Piece Tangram Sets

McRuffy Tangram Adventure is a wire or spiral bound book. Four themes are included. A tangram farm, tangram safari, an ocean of tangrams, and a tangram forest provide children with plenty of enjoyable learning experiences.

Tangrams are seven piece plastic sets. Five triangles in 3 different sizes, a square, and a parallelagram are manipulated to complete the puzzle mats. Tangrams provide great opportunities for practicing spatial - orientation skills.

Grades K-4

McRuffy Tangram Adventure Pack ......$17.95

Individual Items

McRuffy Tangram Adventure (book only)......$14.95

Tangrams (1 set) ......$1.25


McRuffy Pattern Block Pack

The McRuffy Pattern Block pack includes the following:

  • The McRuffy Pattern Block Pictures where children make colorful pictures. (Spiral bound book with
    15 designs on 30 pages)

  • The Pattern Block Symmetry Mats show half of the design. Children complete the second half of the design along the dashed line to make a symmetrical design.
    (19 mats and 6 cards)

  • 100 Pattern Blocks

  • The Plastic Pattern Blocks Mirror can be used to check symmetry.

Pattern Blocks are the simplest puzzle pieces. Sets have
6 colors and 6 shapes. The interrelationships between
pieces allow children many solutions to puzzle mats.

Grades K-3

See more manipulatives a la carte.

McRuffy Pattern Block Collection
McRuffy Pattern Block Pictures

McRuffy Pattern Block Symmetry Mats
McRuffy Pattern Block Symmetry Mats

Plastic Pattern Blocks
Plastic Pattern Blocks

McRuffy Pattern Block Pack ......$20.95

Individual Items

McRuffy Pattern Block Pictures ......$5.95

McRuffy Pattern Block Symmetry Mats ......$4.95

50 Pattern Blocks ......$5.00

100 Pattern Blocks ......$10.00

250 Pattern Blocks ......$25.00

Plastic Pattern Block Mirror ......$2.50


McRuffy Pentomino Pack

The McRuffy Pentomino pack includes the following:

  • The Pentomino Puzzle Book is a reproducible 85 page book. Puzzles will challenge students from grades K to 8. Some puzzles are simplified for younger students. Ideas for increasing or decreasing the difficulty level are explained. See sample puzzles from within the book. Spiral bound to lie flat.

  • The Pentomino Missing Piece Game. Players use logic and visual-perceptual skills to find a pentomino piece that will connect to four other pieces in a specific way. See a sample of how to play!

  • 12-piece plastic pentomino set is also included.

Pentominoes are twelve piece sets, each covering five square inches. The pieces are similar in shape, requiring greater spatial reasoning skills.

Spacial orientation and logic skills are emphasized using pentominoes. Students must choose the correct piece and orient it correctly.

Grades K-8

Pentomino Puzzle Book

Pentomino Missing Piece Game



McRuffy Pentomino Pack ......$27.95

Individual Items

McRuffy Pentomino Puzzle Book ......$14.95

McRuffy Pentomino Missing Piece Game ......$12.95

12 Piece Pentomino Set ......$3.35


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