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I have searched endlessly for a phonics program that was done at a slower pace. We have tried Phonics Pathway, LLATL, 100 Easy Lessons, HOP, and others. Each went too quickly for my daughter. We needed something that had a slower progression through learning to read, had writing, spelling, language (somprehension, sentence structure, etc), and readers to go with the lessons.

BINGO! McRuffy Press has answered our prayers. This curriculum not only progresses at a slower pace, but is extremely easy to teach.

Each day the outline gives you - Lesson Objectives, Preparation, and Teaching. But unlike a lot of curriculums, this outline is short and to the point, not a lot of unnecessary reading for the teacher. Someone who has never taught a child to read can use this. You can look at it with no preparation beforehand. A quick glance and you have what you need to start the lesson.

The lessons are fun. interesting, and my daughter loves them. Up until now, she was extremely frustrated, and with a speech articulation delay reading was difficult. But this program has made her excited and the frustration level has disappeared to almost non-existant. There are fun games you can use to help with learning sounds and words that are easy to put together, each day she has a worksheet to do that is not at all too much, there are evaluations at the end of each week, and unit tests to make sure the student is getting it before moving on.

The readers are fantastic. You can order them black/white or colored. I paid the extra for the color which was not much at all. The readers we’ve done so far are about people and animals, not space creatures and such. She can relate to these books.

This curriculum also covers handwriting with copywork, Charlotte Mason technique. Further into it she started spelling and spelling tests. I like the fact that the spelling practice during the week allows her to look at the words while I quiz her. This goes along with Charlotte Mason and Ruth Beechick’s method of how we learn to spell by seeing the words. Most of us have come across a word that we cannot spell and try to remember what it looks like.

I cannot say enough about this program. It has saved our lives. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to teach their child to read in a steady manner, grasping each concept before moving on, and extremely easy for the teacher. This will make for a much better reader without the frustration.

I only wish I had this when I taught my oldest how to read. Maybe we wouldn’t have such a struggle as we do now.

Go to to learn more about this curriculum and the others avaiable, This curriculum is worth every single bit of the $99.00 or in my case with the colored readers $119.95


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