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I saw that someone had submitted a review for McRuffy Press Phonics and I just wanted to reiterate (sp?) how great this curriculum is. Itís like the antidote to Abeka, Bob Jones, etc.

Each lesson is short and completely laid out in the Teacherís Manual. There isnít a lot of extra reading and preparation for you to do just so you can be ready for the dayís lesson. You just open it up and go! There arenít extra games and accessories to shell out for. All the games, flashcards, etc are included with the package. Now they are even offering the readers in color (we bought it when they were still only offering black & white).

This curriculum is so easy to use, easy on the pocketbook and fun. Itís very thorough, we are nearing the end of our school year and I canít believe what heís learning. I swear I didnít learn this stuff until I was in second grade. It doesnít push your kids in an unhealthy way though. If you start Kindergarten at a reasonable age, your child will most likely be able to handle everything this curriculum suggests. What is also great is that handwriting and spelling are also incorporated into the curriculum, and itís all related with the lesson. There are readers to go with the lessons, so no going to the library with a list of what books to get to try to practice sounds being learned.

It has simplified our school experience in such a way that I am absolutely hooked and will definitely be ordering their 1st grade curriculum for next year.

Happy Learning!


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