Coins Count Game

McRuffy Press

$12.99 $15.99

LEA 4527

It's fun to earn money for the food bank!? Coins Count! is a valuable first experience in making small purchases, handling change, and earning money for a charity. Players become familiar with pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills. The winner is the player who is the first to donate five dollars to the food bank.

This rich instructional package also includes activities for use with the entire class: self-correcting lessons on making correct change and suggestions for interesting investigations. For 2-4 players.

Coins Count! helps develop math skills:

  • Become familiar with the value of coins and dollars
  • Use coins and dollar bills to earn or spend a sum under two dollars
  • Practice addition or subtraction when computing change
  • Includes 8 self-correcting activities that involve coin problem solving


  • Game board
  • Spinner
  • Coins and bills
  • Instructions
  • Activity masters
  • Pawns