First Grade Science Lab Kit (Same as Kindergarten Kit)

McRuffy Press



The K-1 Science Lab Kit is non-consumable and is the same kit is used in the Kindergarten curriculum. Upgrade kits are available beyond 1st grade. The kit includes:

  • Magnet collection: magnet wand, 2 small bar magnets, and 3 ring magnets
  • Magnifier
  • Safety Mirror
  • 20 Piece Pattern Block Set
  • 3 Alligator Clip Wires
  • Ping Pong Ball
  • Wooden Ball
  • Wire Rimmed Color Chips
  • Bulb Holder and Bulb
  • Wooden Ring Magnet Stand
  • Miscellaneous Pieces

Other common items are used in the curriculum, but not included in the lab kit in order to keep the cost to a minimum.