First Grade Science Curriculum




The First Grade Science Curriculum Package includes:

  • Teacher's Manual
  • Workbook
  • Resource Pack. 

The K-1 Science Lab Kit is not included in this package, but a package with the kit is available.

Lab Kits and Lab Kit Upgrades are available here.

The McRuffy First Grade Science Curriculum is a complete science program that allows students to discover science in the world around them with engaging activities, lessons, and materials that are aligned with national science standards and several state standards. The curriculum contains 66 lessons that can be taught twice a week for 33 weeks or more often in one semester.

The McRuffy First Grade Science concepts expand upon Kindergarten concepts and include:

Weather, attributes, animals' appetites, measuring and graphing investigations, electricity, states of matter, magnets, movement, and position, exploring mixtures, parts of objects, and more - see the scope & sequence in the pdf sample

View and print sample lesson plans, worksheets, resource packet samples, and the Scope & Sequence.

McRuffy First Science Sample (Teacher's Manual, Workbook, and Resource Pack)

Detailed daily lesson plans in the Teacher’s Manual clearly state the objectives, tell what is needed to prepare for the lessons, and give clear directions on how to teach the concepts. In addition, evaluation standards are presented for each unit.

The First Grade Science Workbook provides colorful activities to reinforce concepts taught in the lessons. In addition, the workbook interacts with the science experiments, teaches concepts, and checks knowledge.

The Resource Pack features card activities, photo cards, posters, game boards, and more.