Second Grade SE Phonics and Reading Curriculum




The Second Grade SE Phonics and Reading Curriculum concludes most of the fundamental phonics instruction. More advanced language and grammar skills are introduced. Workbook activities are continued with the spelling program and a dedicated language and reading workbook.

The Second Grade SE Phonics and Reading Curriculum package includes:

  • Teacher's Manual
  • Language and Reading Workbook
  • Spelling and Phonics Workbook
  • Writing Skills Workbook
  • Set of 28 Reading Books
  • Resource Pack.

Second Grade SE Phonics & Reading Teacher’s Manuals

The SE Teacher's Manual set includes daily lesson plans and reference material, making it ideal for home school programs and classroom phonics. The teacher’s Manual lightens the load for lesson prep. Lesson objectives are clearly stated at the beginning of the lesson, so you know what is being taught at a glance. The Preparation section lists materials used in the lesson. In most lessons, no materials preparation is needed. The teaching section provides easy to follow teaching content with light scripting. Lesson pages also provide thumbnail sketches of workbook pages and reduced-size pictures from the reading books with story text to allow you to follow along with your child’s reading.

The teacher’s manuals are printed in two parts. Part one covers lessons 1 to 80. Part 2 covers lessons 81 to 160.

Teacher’s Manual sample

Language and Reading Workbook (LAR Workbook)

The Language and Reading Workbook features 161 pages of activities. A wide variety of activities teaches language skills. Additional reading activities are also a part of the Language and Reading workbook. See the sample for a lesson by lesson list of language and reading concepts taught throughout the curriculum.

Language and Reading Workbook

Spelling and Phonics workbook (SAP)

Spelling and Phonics Workbook Activities

Lessons are arranged in weeks. There are four pages of workbook activities per week. The fifth day of each week is a spelling test. The first day of each will feature workbook activities that will require students to write each word at least once. The main objective is for students to become familiar with the words and the spelling patterns. Students do a variety of activities such as sorting words by word characteristics such as vowel sounds, sorting rhyming words, matching pictures, and alphabetizing.

Spelling and Phonics Workbook Sample

Second Grade Writing Skills Workbook 

This is a new workbook in 2018. It further develops the writing skills lessons presented in the curriculum, adds additional activities, and provides increased structure for both creative and non-fiction writing skill development.

This is best used with the McRuffy Press Second Grade SE Phonics and Reading Curriculum because it references other materials in the curriculum.

Lesson instructions are presented in the updated Teacher's Manual. If you have older copies of the Teacher's Manuals, the instructions for Writing Skills Workbook pages are included with the purchase of this workbook as a pdf download. An email link to the download will be sent when the workbook is shipped.

54 Lessons (Please note, this is not a handwriting book)

Writing Skills Workbook Sample

Reading Book Set

The 28 Reading Books take students on a wonderful reading adventure. The 2nd Grade SE Phonics and Reading curriculum includes 28 Reading Books to take students to a new level of reading ability. Some old favorites from the 1st grade level are back. Elaine and Emily Rose make and solve new problems. Jonathan has a Not-So-Great-Great-Week that he’s ready to tell you about. Find out the secret of a dog’s talent in Francis Dances. A boy named Benny finds out how little a penny can buy in Benny’s Pennies. Two hedgehogs hunt for the ingredients to their favorite snack and then share the recipe with you in Hedgehog Fudge. A girl named Mary solves a big problem in Mary, Whiskers, and the Whale.

Our phonics based readers contain a variety of different words than sight words readers. We try to incorporate as many different words as possible that fit the phonics theme (and still tell a good story). With proper phonics instruction, students do not need to memorize a long list of words. They are learning the process of decoding words. This greatly expands the child’s reading vocabulary, especially when the child begins to generalize the process of decoding.

Second Grade Reading Book Sample

 The Second Grade SE Resource Pack contains copy masters, weekly assessments, puppet cut-outs, story coloring sheets, quarterly tests, materials for a special fables unit, and a game.