Fourth Grade Language Arts Curriculum




The Fourth Grade Language Arts Curriculum includes a Teacher's Manual, Reading Book Set, Resource Pack, Spelling and Phonics Workbook, Reading and Writing Workbook, and Language and Reading Workbook.

The Fourth Grade program includes a review of phonics with application to more complex words. The language program develops vocabulary, grammar, semantics, creative writing, understanding of story structure, sentence structure, and many other concepts.

The Teacher's Manual set includes daily lesson plans and reference material, making it ideal for homeschool programs and classroom phonics. The teacher’s Manual lightens the load for lesson prep. Lesson objectives are clearly stated at the beginning of the lesson, so you know what is being taught at a glance. The Preparation section lists materials used in the lesson. In most lessons, no materials preparation is needed. The teaching section provides easy-to-follow teaching content with light scripting. 

Teacher's Manual 1 covers lessons 1 to 80

Teacher's Manual 2 covers lessons 81 to 160

See a Teacher's Manual sample.


The Language Workbook features a wide variety of activities to teach language and reading skills. Additional reading activities are also a part of the Language and Reading workbook. See the sample for a lesson-by-lesson list of language and reading concepts taught throughout the curriculum. Most have corresponding workbook activities, except creative writing.

The back cover is the Treasure Trove Game which can be played in various ways to reinforce language arts skills.

See Language Workbook Sample.


The Fourth Grade Spelling Workbook arranges lessons by week. There are four pages of activities per week. The fifth day of each week is a spelling test. The first day of each will feature workbook activities that will require students to write each word at least once. The main objective is for students to become familiar with the words and the spelling patterns. Students do a variety of activities that emphasize words in and out of context and various forms of words, such as suffixes and prefixes. The spelling list still includes a phonics concept applied to more complex words. Some lists may highlight different ways to spell the same sound or different ways similar spelling patterns are decoded.

The back cover is the Letter Ranch Game which reviews spelling words in a game format.

See Spelling Workbook Sample.


The McRuffy Press Fourth Grade Language Arts Writing Skills Workbook teaches writing skills as a part of the McRuffy Press Fourth Grade Language Arts Curriculum. It replaces the Reading and Writing workbook. It contains the complete Reading and Writing Workbook but adds new exciting content.

The Fourth Grade Writing Skills Workbook starts with the Inspiration Section. This contains writing tips (along with the tips on the back of the workbook), story starters, poem starters, and pick-a-picture story starters (you can pick them all, so you really don’t have to choose).

The rest of the book is the Reading and Writing section. Writing activities are based on the reading books. Activities help develop reading skills, reading evaluation, comprehension, outlining, story elements, graphic organizers, content reading skills, creative writing, and writing for other purposes.

See the Reading and Writing Workbook sample.


The Fourth Grade Reading Books are published in 3 spiral bound volumes. The stories include both McRuffy original stories and some classic stories. Students read about a thousand words per day. 

The books feature a variety of stories. From the off-the-wall humor of the Bobcat Cowboys to a historical fiction story about Abraham Lincoln, students will discover just how much fun reading can be. They will be reading the next adventure from the Book of Matt. They will follow a silly goose named Rufus, who solves the mystery of the Malt-Eze Fountain. Fables and poems are also featured.

See the Reading Book samples.

The Fourth Grade Make Your Own Dictionary journal is a new workbook introduced at the Fourth Grade level.

The book features all the vocabulary words taught in the Fourth Grade Language Arts curriculum arranged in alphabetical order with ample line space to write one or two definitions. Students find and write definitions in the book on a weekly basis based on spelling lists. By the end of the course, students will have created a useful dictionary of words they have learned.

It puts previously learned words at the student's fingertips to become a helpful tool to review and master vocabulary words. 


The Fourth Grade SE Language Arts Resource Pack contains tests and quizzes.