Kindergarten Color Math Curriculum with Manipulative Kit




The objectives of the Kindergarten Color Math Curriculum are chosen to match state and national math standards. Skills are introduced and revisited throughout the year to allow for the child’s growth in understanding. The early part of the curriculum emphasizes counting and number writing. The latter part emphasizes addition and subtraction skills.

Kindergarten Color Math Sample (Teacher's Manual and Workbook)

The Kindergarten Color Math Curriculum with Manipulative Kit Package includes:

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Workbook
  • Resource Pack
  • Manipulative Kit

    Teaching Kindergarten Color Math is a snap with the Teacher’s Manual. The comfortable format is consistent and organized. Lessons have three sections: Objectives, Materials, and Teaching. You'll know what you're teaching and what you need to teach at a glance. Teaching instructions include light scripting quickly identifiable by bold print. Since the lessons are activity driven, rather than lecture driven, it's enough scripting to teach but allows freedom to embellish to better communicate with your child. Illustrations help you to identify the correct materials to use. Answers in the back of the book make it easy to check workbook answers.  

    The McRuffy Press Kindergarten Color Math Workbook is not simply a collection of endless math problems. It features a variety of activities that interact with manipulatives and activities in the teacher's manual. Students are introduced to many math concepts such as time, money counting, geometry, patterns, attributes, place value, number lines, and more. It is pretty colorful. Every page is a learning opportunity!

    The learning continues beyond the last page. The back of the workbook is the Space Race Game which can be used to practice many skills in the workbook. Directions are in the workbook and Teacher's Manual. In addition, a printable file is in the Resource Center on this website. 

    The Resource Pack contains an extensive collection of unbound materials. It includes:

    • Additional Activity Sheets
    • Timed Tests
    • Games
    • Laminated Geoboards
    • Posters
    • Learning Mats
    • Number Lines
    • A Large Collection of Precut Cards.

    The pack contains seven game boards introduced in a lesson but used as often as you choose. Plus, other games can be played with cards in the vast card set.

    The Teacher's Manual contains a detailed list of cards that help you quickly identify what you need. The cards are pre-cut and ready to go. Students interact with some laminated pages with dry-erase markers.

    Forty-nine copy masters are included. Many of these are activities from our previous edition that were too good to take out of print. We've numbered them with Color Math lesson numbers so you can know the best time to use them to expand practice opportunities.

    This package includes the Manipulative Kit.

    The kit includes the following:

    • 30 Animal Counters
    • 20 Piece Centimeter Cubes
    • Clock Dial
    • 20 Pattern Blocks
    • Tangram set
    • Game Playing Piece Set (Pawns and 1 Die)

    Individual Manipulatives are also available.