Kindergarten SE Phonics and Reading Curriculum




The Kindergarten Phonics and Reading Curriculum includes: 

  • Teacher’s Manuals (Part 1) and (Part 2)
  • Workbooks 1 and 2
  • First Step Readers
  • McRuffy Kindergarten Readers
  • Resource Pack

    The Kindergarten SE (Special Edition) Phonics and Reading Curriculum places a strong emphasis on phonics skills and early reading skills. Students read early with an approach that incorporates phonics concepts throughout reading, spelling, language concepts, and even the optional handwriting books. 

    Students will read and write short vowel words that follow the Consonant-Vowel-Consonant pattern, long vowel words with silent e, vowel digraphs oa and ay, sh digraph, consonant blends gr, st, and mp. A few sight words such as number and color words. These are taught using phonics skills to highlight any known sounds in the words, compared to a phonetic spelling of the word, or showing a contrast known phonics concepts.

    Handwriting books are sold separately. 

    The SE Teacher's Manual includes daily lesson plans and reference material, making it ideal for home school programs and classroom phonics. The teacher’s Manual lightens the load for lesson prep. Lesson objectives are clearly stated at the beginning of the lesson, so you know what is being taught at a glance. The Preparation section lists materials used in the lesson. In most lessons, no materials preparation is needed. The teaching section provides easy to follow teaching content with light scripting. Lesson pages also provide thumbnail sketches of workbook pages and reduced-size pictures from the reading books with story text to allow you to follow along with your child’s reading. A workbook answer section is also included in the back of the teacher’s manual.

    Teacher’s Manual Part 1 covers lessons 1 to 90.

    Teacher’s Manual Part 2 Covers lessons 91 to 175.

    Manuals are coil bound to fold flat.

    Teacher’s Manual Sample

    Kindergarten SE Phonics and Reading Workbook 1 is a gentle introduction to phonics instruction. Uncluttered pages help the teacher direct the student to the important elements. Activities focus on phonics instruction beginning with letter sounds and progressing to using phonics to read words and sentences. Weekly assessments monitor and record progress. Colorful, yet simple illustrations capture the child's attention without distracting from the learning task.

    Most words follow the short vowel consonant-vowel-consonant pattern (C-V-C).

    Workbook 1 covers lessons 1 to 90. 

    Workbook 1 Samples

    With the Kindergarten SE Phonics and Reading Workbook Part 2 students are on a roll learning phonics skills. The learner friendly design elements of workbook 1 grow with students to become more complex in workbook 2. Most short vowels have been learned by the time students reach this workbook. Students discover a new use for vowels as long sounds are introduced. No longer simply decoding, students demonstrate comprehension skills as they read and answer questions about stories in the reading book set.

    Students learn the long vowel consonant-vowel-consonant-silent e pattern for long a, e, i, and u.  The ee pattern for long e words is taught, along with long o spelled with oa and ay for long a.

    Workbook 2 covers lessons 91 to 175.

    Both workbooks don't flop closed! The plastic coil bound "write it don't fight it" book format folds flat for ease of use.

    Workbook 2 Samples 

    Ten First Step Readers are four-page books that give the child an easy and early experience in reading a book. Short and simple stories allow the students to read a book after just a few weeks of phonics instruction. Your children become confident storytellers as they share their reading adventure with anyone who has a few minutes to listen!

    Each book features a word list on the back that helps students practice words before reading. 

    The humorous stories in the McRuffy Kindergarten Reading Book Set reinforce the weekly kindergarten phonics concepts. Children will read about cats, dogs, ducks, and even a yak named Fuzz. They'll learn helpful life lessons such as why apes shouldn't steal cakes and why cats shouldn't have access to ray guns!

    The McRuffy Kindergarten Reading Book Set contains books that range from 8 to 15 pages. These are more developed stories that are used in conjunction with the Teacher’s Manual to develop comprehension skills. All books are printed in color with cardstock covers.

    Each book features a word list on the back. Activities in the Teacher's Manual are developed from the list.

    Kindergarten Reading Book Sample

    The Kindergarten SE Resource Pack contains:

    • Over 360 flashcards
    • Copy Masters
    • Charts
    • Cardstock Slider Word Drills
    • Game Boards
    • Puppet Cut-Outs
    • Coloring Sheet Copy Masters
    • Ruff's Pre-Writing Sheets

    Puppet cut-outs feature characters from the stories that can be colored and made into stick puppets for creative story-telling. This activity reinforces kindergarten phonics by making lessons more fun and hands on. Coloring sheet copy master for each story is included.

    The Resource Pack includes a game pack. Game titles are Wiggle Worm, Reading Baseball, Ruff's Lunch, The Fish Pond, Go Bananas! These feature game boards and cardstock game cards.

    Resource Pack Sample