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Kindergarten - Color Math

Lay the foundation for success with the McRuffy Press Kindergarten Color Math curriculum! Our materials are designed to teach young learners the basics they need to excel in kindergarten and beyond. From our math products to our classroom phonics, McRuffy Press exists to help early learners get off on the right foot.

The McRuffy Kindergarten Color Math curriculum is a highly interactive math program that emphasizes a well-balanced variety of skills. The curriculum is comprehensive and thorough. Auditory, visual and tactile methods are used to develop concepts. Our kindergarten math lesson plans contain a detailed teacher's manual, colorful workbook and resource pack containing card sets, games, posters and more. The curriculum is ideal for home school programs and traditional classrooms. Math manipulative are used to engage students in hands-on learning.

The objectives of the Kindergarten Color Math are chosen to match state and national math standards. Skills are not just introduced, but revisited throughout the year to allow for the child’s growth in understanding. The early part of the curriculum emphasizes counting and number writing. The later part emphasizes addition and subtraction skills.

Our kindergarten math lessons use popular math manipulatives. An inexpensive kit has been packaged especially for the curriculum. The curriculum set can be purchased with or without the manipulative kits. Individual items in the kit are also available. If you are teaching children in multiple grade levels, a Color Math Super Kit is also available, so only one kit needs to be purchased. Grade level upgrade kits are also available beginning in first grade.

The Kindergarten Color Math Sample includes pages from the Teacher’s Manual and corresponding workbook page.  Click Here for Sample.

Packages are available with or without manipulatives.

The Kindergarten Color Math Curriculum Only Package includes:

  • Teacher's Manual
  • Workbook
  • Resource Pack

Save $13.90 with the package price.

The Kindergarten Color Math Curriculum with Manipulative Kit Package includes:

  • Teacher's Manual
  • Workbook
  • Resource Pack
  • Manipulative Kit

Save $15.90 with the package price.

Packages and Individual Items are also available below.