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Kindergarten - Handwriting

The McRuffy Press Handwriting Books do more than just teach handwriting. Our books feature letters and words following the phonics and spelling sequence from the curriculum to provide a kinesthetic enhancement to learning to read and write. Handwriting books are available in three styles; Traditional (ball and stick style), Modern (slanted style) and Cursive. 

They each feature colorful activities with tracing and writing exercises. Students will write letters, words, and sentences. Guidance arrows are provided when letters are introduced. A reference chart is printed in both the front and the back of the book. The laminated back cover includes a number chart on one side and blank lines on the other side. Letters can be practiced on the back cover using dry erase markers.

Style Options:

  • The traditional style is the most familiar writing style. It features straight lines and round circles.
  • The modern style is the pre-cursive printing style. Letters have slight curves on the stems and ovals to more resemble cursive.
  • The cursive style features connected letters.

Compare all three styles.

We also offer just the second half of Kindergarten for students who have learned short vowel sounds but have yet to master long vowel sounds.  Our transition packs are   available here.