Preschool (TK) - Color Math

Preschool Color Math

Jumpstart your child’s math education with the McRuffy Preschool Color Math curriculum!  Exciting and colorful materials and math manipulatives engage your child in early math concepts such as number recognition, geometry and overall mathematical reasoning.

The curriculum makes a great Transitional Kindergarten program. This curriculum is designed to build readiness for Kindergarten math. The program contains 85 learning tasks as well as 100 geometric puzzles.

The materials are non-consumable so they can easily be reused and reviewed to provide children with ample practice. The program features an easy-to-use, flexible format that allows the materials to adapt to the needs of the learner.

Unlike our grade-level programs, the goal is not to work through the materials from beginning to end, but to practice the various tasks from different categories several times to develop understanding and mastery of basic concepts such as counting, number recognition, patterns, simple geometric reasoning, following directions, etc.


  • Fun and colorful materials
  • Uses a variety of materials including a math workbook, geometric puzzle book, cards sets, games and math manipulative.
  • Features a variety of exercise including listening, workbook responses, teacher instruction and game playing
  • Non-consumable materials can be reused by other children or for additional practice
  • Flexible design allows you to custom fit your lesson plans to the child’s needs
  • Provides a solid foundation t transition into Kindergarten math

Packages are available with or without a manipulative kit.

The Preschool Color Math Curriculum Only Package includes:

  • Teacher's Manual
  • Workbook
  • Puzzle Book
  • Resource Pack
Save $13.80 with the curriculum package!


      The Preschool Color Math Curriculum with Manipulative Kit Package includes:

      • Teacher's Manual
      • Workbook
      • Puzzle Book
      • Resource Pack
      • Manipulative Kit
      Save $16.80 with the curriculum package!

          Packages and individual items are also available below: