Preschool (TK) - Language Arts


The McRuffy Preschool Language Arts Curriculum is designed to enhance readiness for Kindergarten language arts including reading and phonics. The program contains 160 learning tasks as well as 57 handwriting development activities. 

The materials are non-consumable so they can be reused, providing children with plenty of practice. The program features an easy-to-use, flexible format that allows the materials to adapt to the needs of the learner. Ideas are presented to use the same workbook pages in different ways using a wipe-off cover sheet. Children can repeat favorite activities or concepts not yet mastered.

The curriculum makes a great Transitional Kindergarten program.

This curriculum will facilitate:

  • An understanding and mastering of letter recognition
  • Phonemic awareness to develop future phonics learning
  • A solid foundation for an understanding of reading and literature

Planning sheets help keep you organized and track progress.  Click here for a FREE planning form!


  • Fun and colorful materials
  • Uses a variety of materials: workbooks, card sets, games, puzzles, reading books
  • Covers a variety of learning tasks: listening, workbook responses, teacher instruction, game playing, and exploration
  • Non-consumable materials can be reused by other children or for added practice
  • The flexible design allows customization to the child’s needs.
  • Provides a solid foundation for transitioning into Kindergarten
  • Free Online Activities at TK's Play Place!

The McRuffy Preschool Language Arts Curriculum Package includes:

  • Teacher's Manual
  • Language & Letters Workbook
  • Pre-Writing Book
  • Preschool Reading Book Set
  • Resource Pack
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