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Second Grade - Color Math

The McRuffy Press Second Grade Color Math follows the same design as K and 1st Color Math, but adds the Response Book. The curriculum contains a detailed Teacher’s Manual, colorful Workbook, Response Book, and Resource Pack containing card sets, games, posters, and more. 

The McRuffy Color Math series uses a spiral approach. Concepts are introduced and reviewed throughout the year. This avoids the “learn it and forget it” structure of many curriculums that segments concepts into units. Concepts that may have been too abstract at one point in the year may suddenly “click” at another time of the year.

Our second grade math lessons use popular math manipulatives. An inexpensive kit has been packaged especially for the curriculum. The curriculum set can be purchased with or without the manipulative kits. Individual items in the kit are also available. If you are teaching children in multiple grade levels, a Color Math Super Kit is also available, so only one kit needs to be purchased. Grade level upgrade kits are also available to upgrade from first grade. The Second Grade Manipulative kit is identical to the Third Grade Manipulative kit.

Packages are available with or without manipulatives.

The McRuffy Press Second Grade Color Math Curriculum Only Package includes:

  • Teacher's Manual Set
  • Workbook
  • Response Book
  • Resource Pack

Save $29.80 with the curriculum package!


The McRuffy Press Second Grade Color Math Curriculum with Manipulative Kit Package includes:

  • Teacher's Manual
  • Workbook
  • Resource Pack
  • Response Book
  • Manipulative Kit

Save $37.75 with the curriculum package!

Packages and individual items are also available below.