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New Clark's Plane changes Fall 2022

Click the picture below for teacher's manual and workbook updates to the new version of the Clark's Plane reading book:

A new version of Clark's Plane was created in 2022 with the main character being a dog instead of a boy. This included some text changes to the story that affected the Language and Reading Lesson 69 Sentence Hunt. The original LAR Lesson 69, page 55 can be found here if you are using the original Clark's Plane reading book. This will match the Sentence Hunt questions for the original book.

If you would like to purchase the new Clark's Plane it can be purchased here.

New Covers changes May 2023

Click covers below for game directions for the LAR and SAP workbooks.

Lessons 71 to 85 Moved from Teacher's Manual 2 to Teacher's Manual 1 05/25/2023. Click the cover below for these lessons.


1st LAR Workbook page 111 Lesson 132 bottom answer box correction #1 house changed to found. 03/29/2024