1st Language Arts Updates

RECALL: If you ordered a First Grade Phonics and Reading Curriculum between July 1, 2023 and September 10, 2023 you may find several errors in Teacher's Manual 1. If you would like a replacement manual, please contact us. If you ordered directly from this website or we shipped directly to you from a school purchase order, we should have a record of your order. If you picked your curriculum up from a school, please tell us the name of the school and indicate if the manual was coil bound or perfect bound (glued).
Lessons 71 to 85 were moved from Teacher's Manual 2 to Teacher's Manual 1 (04/27/2023). A pdf of those lessons can be found here.

The original LAR Lesson 69, page 55 can be found here if you are using the original Clark's Plane reading book. This will match the Sentence Hunt questions for the original book.

Language and Reading Workbook page 5, Lesson 5. The last word of the third sentence should be dish. The sentence should be: It is in a __________ dish.
Corrected pdf. 09/13/2023