Diagramming the Scriptures by Shirley Forsen


Diagramming sentences is a very important part of fully understanding the written language, and a necessity if you want to excel in the language arts. You are invited to take a moment and learn more about this book and the powerful nature of its ability to teach you how to diagram sentences in the English language. Diagramming sentences will provide you with one of the most dynamic ways for you to study the Holy Scriptures. 


If you will utilize these books and the lesson plan that it offers for diagramming sentences, you will be blessed and your life will be enriched by your increased knowledge of how to effectively diagram the English language. You will also greatly increase your ability to rightly divide the Word of Truth through this very unique approach to studying the Scriptures by diagramming each verse of the Bible and using this textbook and teaching method. 

Diagramming the Scriptures is an ideal textbook for home-schooling parents who want to teach their children how to diagram sentences and why diagramming sentences is so important to their success, while instilling the values that are found in the Word of God. Its lesson plan and teaching modules work ideally with any home-schooling program. One of the greatest benefits of using Diagramming the Scriptures as a way to teach diagramming sentences is the in-depth training of the Word of God that a child will receive. 

Pastors, seminary students, and those who want to fully understand the importance of sentence structure and meaning will find this book to be an ideal tool for learning how to diagram sentences. By using the skill sets that you will learn and master in Diagramming the Scriptures, you will not only be able to master the English language; but you will be able to become an even more avid student of the Word of God. 

Scripture tells us in 2 Timothy 2:15, to “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (King James Version) 

The powerful nature of these textbooks is to teach and to refine the skill of rightly dividing the written language. These texts are an absolute must for the serious student or for the parents who are serious about teaching their children how to diagram sentences. It would be an honor if you would consider using Diagramming the Scriptures as a part of your teaching and educational process. 


". . . In Diagramming the Scriptures. . . the curriculum starts with the simple sentence, adds precept upon precept until the learner is able to master complex sentences. . . As each concept is introduced, the student has plenty of practice, followed by quizzes, and later a cumulative test over the entire text. 

As an educator, a homeschool parent, and a tutor I see this curriculum as an excellent choice for a homeschool, a Christian school classroom, or for an individual of any age who is interested in studying grammar or God's Word, word by word."

Deana Haines, Families for Home Education Executive Director.



". . .I am quite pleased to recommend your book to college professors as an excellent addition to their basic texts in teaching English grammar.

. . Since your examples and exercises utilize Bible sentences, your book is also a valuable asset to the study of hermeneutics."

Jim Anderson, Chancellor, Midwestern Baptist College, SBC



"Diagramming the Scriptures is a unique way to help focus the Bible student on the words and meanings of Scripture. I commend Shirley Forsen for providing this excellent book and recommend it to all who desire to "go deeper" in their study of God's Word." 

Dr John A Hash, Bible Pathway Ministries

". . .I recommend Diagramming the Scriptures to all scholars to clarify interpretations of all books and to all teachers of grammar."

Glada Kelley, retired teacher and librarian



". . .The best and unique part of Miss Forsen's book is that Bible verses are used for the examples and exercises. This teaches the student an important aspect of "rightly dividing the word of truth": understanding how the structure of the verse influences its meaning. Diagramming the Scriptures teaches necessary skills, both educational and spiritual." 

Laura Blunk, college freshman