First Grade Math Updates


Below are updates to materials

Updates to the Teacher's Manual June 14, 2022:

Teacher's Manual update pdf

Several updates were made to the teacher's manual. If purchasing a new resource pack, you can use this file to teach the additional materials.

Converting units removed (workbook, and test 3 update)

Converting Units update pdf June 14, 2022: Converting pints, quarts, ounces, feet, yards, and inches activities were removed from first grade. It is generally a concept for later grades. The PDF update includes a change to last section of Workbook Lesson 120 (page 120). Test 3 Section A was changed to no longer test converting units.

Teacher's Manual Lesson 120 part 4 was changed to:

4. Students will determine if the number sentences are true or false.

Also removed were:

Lesson 116 Objective 2 and Lesson 117 Objective 2 (Objectives have been renumbered in current Teacher's Manuals.)