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McRuffy Press was founded in 1991 by Brian Davis, the author of The Book of Matt chapter books, the McRuffy Phonic and Reading series, the McRuffy Math series, the McRuffy Science series and more. As a former elementary school teacher, he saw the need for dynamic materials that would pull children in and help them learn. 

The roots of McRuffy Press were planted while Davis, who holds a master’s degree in reading instruction, was still teaching kindergarten. He began developing the Ruff McRuffy line of books to help his students learn. When Davis realized how successful his students became, he began sharing his approach with others. It wasn’t long before more materials and grade levels were added and McRuffy Press was officially launched to serve home school programs and classrooms.

Since its inception, McRuffy Press has become a leader in providing early learning materials for home school programs, public schools, private schools and more. Serving classrooms throughout America and abroad, McRuffy Press is here to make sure young learners have the materials they need to build a solid educational foundation.