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Children in a classroom

With time-tested, inspired curriculum this can be YOUR CHILD's best school year yet!

Adaptable – We recognize that each child is different with unique learning needs.  McRuffy Press offers education materials that are challenging, but not overwhelming.

Spiralized Learning – Concepts are revisited consistently throughout the year with multiple concepts introduced throughout the training.  This ensures students are retaining lessons.

Detailed – We offer thoroughly compiled workbooks and teacher manuals that are self-explanatory and all-encompassing.  Our thorough lesson guides will save you hours of planning. 

Language Arts education encompasses a wide range of skills from phonemic awareness to fluent reading and comprehension skills. Concepts are built integrating spelling, vocabulary, phonics, reading, handwriting, and creative writing. The synergy between multiple aspects of language arts education increases interactions with the concepts that efficiently develop understanding and the ability to apply knowledge.

McRuffy Color Math spirals concepts reviewing and building along the way, using a variety of math manipulatives, games, card sets, and workbooks. Understanding grows as students mature in their math skills, allowing them to apply knowledge at deeper and more abstract levels.

McRuffy Science is very hands-on and was STEM focused before STEM was even an acronym. With the use of the curriculum and lab kits, students explore key areas of science, including physical science, earth science, life science, and scientific inquiry.