Kindergarten Letter Logic

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Kindergarten Letter Logic Phonics and Reading is divided into 4 parts (quarters). Each part has 40 lessons. 

Quarters 1 and 2 are currently enrolling. Content for quarter 3 is complete and is being uploaded into the course format (update posted 06/07/2019)

Quarter 1

Quarter 1 Includes:

40 Lessons with over 140 digital activities including quizzes, instruction, and online books + the availability of pdf paper activities.

Quarter 1 Teaches:
  • CVC words using short a and short i
  • words with the consonants c, d, f, h, k, m, n, p, r, s, t
  • sentence structure and punctuation
  • basic sight words

40 Lessons, 125 day enrollment, one student cost $35.00 US

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Sample Activities from Quarter 1


 Watch a Sample Lesson

All concepts are introduced with a lesson taught by Professor Panda. See the instruction for the letter t. Students can control the pacing of the lesson and can repeat parts of the lesson. Students may also review the lesson as needed
 Click to see a sample lesson.

 Read a Digital Reading Book

There are three formats of books in the course: Self-checking Readers, Indendent Readers, and Guided Readers. All three have unique features support a wide range of reading skills. See this sample of a Guided Reader.
Click to see the book.

 Take a quiz

There are many different quiz formats, as well as practice activities, and learning tools. Quizzes are any activities that are scored. In this quiz, click elephants to hear a word and feed the matching peanut to the elephant. Click the check bar to check answers.
Click to see the quiz



Quarter 2

This is the second of four Kindergarten phonics and reading courses. The course applies and strengthens Q1 concepts plus teaches additional letters and sounds.

This is an 8 Week Course. Lesson and week numbers continue from Quarter 1. This is Lessons 41 to 80, Weeks 9 to 16.

Quarter 2 Includes:

The course covers 40 Lessons with over 110 activities including quizzes, instruction, and online books + the availability of pdf paper activities.

The course also includes the option of teacher-led instruction and additional paper activities through PDF resources. PDF resources for weeks 11 to 16 unlock after the completion of Lessons 41 to 50 activities. 

Quarter 2 New Concepts:

  • CVC words using short o, u and e
  • words with the consonants b, g, l, v,
  • some color and number words
  • basic sight words

40 Lessons

This is a 4-month enrollment (125 days). The course covers 8 weeks of materials and can generally be completed in two months.  If students finish before the end of 125 days, students can revisit favorite activities and stories after the course has been completed and work has begun in the next course.

40 Lessons, 125 day enrollment, one student cost $35.00 US

Click here to go to our course site to create an account and then enroll. 

Frequently asked Questions for all courses:

I want to use this for a school or I am enrolled in a homeschool charter that would like to track student progress. What Learning Management Systems do you offer?

We can offer the courses to connect to most learning management system through a standardized connection (LTI). You would likely not use the enrollment system with the links on this page. We are building courses in Agilix Buzz and Moodle. Both have different features and both can connect to other popular Learning Managment Systems.

Do you offer quantity discounts.

We offer quantity discounts for classrooms and school districts.

Why four quarters instead of a single course?

We found that limiting the amount of folders on the course landing page made it more user friendly for young children. 

It also allows for you to skip quarters that have content your child has already mastered.

Online learning may not be right for every student. There is less risk and upfront cost.

We can offer schools other options besides quarters.

Why is the enrollment subscription for 120 days?

We've made the subscription times twice the time it would take to complete the course in a normal school schedule. This allows you to take a much slower pace in the beginning without having to rush at the end. If students finish on the eight week pace, they may also go back and revisit favorite activities and books for review. 

Can a student complete this course independently or is it teacher taught?

The course is designed to be used either way. Students may need guidance, in the beginning, to learn how to navigate through the activities early in the course. There are also many PDF resources available to extend teaching. It all depends on the needs of the student, but the online activities cover instruction, practice, reading, and evaluation.

Will I have to print a lot of materials?

You can print all the PDF files, some, or print none at all and still have a complete course. For example, if you choose to use the teaching files, you can teach from an electronic device without printing the files. If you want to include pencil activities, plain paper can be used instead of worksheets or handwriting sheets.

What's the best device to use with the course?

We recommend a computer or tablet. It's sometimes difficult to view the entire activity on a phone.

Can I drop the enrollment and get a refund?

You can cancel the course within 15 days or before doing any activity after the first 10 lessons (Lesson 10 for course 1, Lesson 50 for course 2) whichever comes first. For this reason, PDF files for the third through the eighth week of any course are not visible until the first 10 lessons are completed.