Ruff's Pre-Writing Flip and Draw Book

Flip and Draw Books  feature a transparent flip-out page. The transparent sheet is bound on the right side of the back cover. This unique design allows children to trace the designs in the book and draw them on the transparent page with a dry erase marker.

The Sample shows Ruff's Pre-Writing Book, but the Handwriting Flip & Draw Books use the same format.

How to use this Flip and Draw Book:

1. Open the front cover and find the picture you want to use.

    2. Continue to rotate pages completely to the back.

    3. Flip open the back cover to reveal the transparent page.

    4. Flip this sheet over the page you want to use.

    5. Using a dry erase marker, students redraw the picture on the laminated page.

      For additional fine motor skill practice:

      • Photocopy pages to use as cutting exercises 
        or for single classroom exercises.

      Pre K to 1st Grade.