Third Grade Math Form Worksheets

 About Form Worksheets:

Third Grade Form Worksheets are flexible in content and can be used in different ways or repeated over time because the student or teacher adds the content. Sometimes the content is added as a part of the activity.

Click this link to generate basic facts worksheets.

Time Number Line

Time Number Line pdf

This sheet can be used for time story problems and adding and subtracting time intervals.

Measurement Estimating

Measurement Estimating Sheet pdf

The Measurement Estimating Sheet is a form worksheet that can be used as an activity to measure weight or volume or even mix the measurements. This form can be used on a shopping trip or an online search for items and their weights or volumes.

For example, visit a grocery store to find things measured in grams, kilograms, liters, or milliliters. List the item. Handle the item without looking at the label and estimate. Next, look at the label and record the actual weight or volume. You may have students round to the nearest unit. You could also use the produce scales and estimate and weigh produce.

Measurement Line Plot Form and Instructions

Measurement Line Plot Form pdf

This form is used with Standard 3.MD.4. Students measure various objects in inches. An x above a measurement is used to mark data (lengths) to make a line plot.

This form can also be used as a copy master. The teacher can make up a data set by simply drawing x's on the sheet that students can interpret.

Measurement and Data Activities Instructions pdf

The teacher instructions for using the Measurement Line Plot Form are available in this pdf.

Centimeter Grid 

Centimeter Grid pdf

The centimeter cubes can be place on the grid to create rectangles for area and perimeter activities.