First Grade Color Math Curriculum




The McRuffy First Grade Color Math Curriculum Package includes: 

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Workbook
  • Resource Pack.  

Manipulatives are not included, but a package with the manipulative kit is available.

The objectives of the First Grade Color Math Curriculum are chosen to match state and national math standards. Skills are introduced and revisited throughout the year to allow for the child’s growth in understanding. The curriculum places a particular emphasis on addition and subtraction skills. Along the way, many concepts emphasizing geometry, number handwriting, listening skills, place value, and more round out the First Grade program.

Concepts include Number Recognition to 1000,  Skip counting by 2, 5, 10, and 100, Recognizing and making patterns, Recognizing shapes, Making geometric designs using pattern blocks, inch cubes, and tangrams, Visual discrimination skills using geoboard patterns, Comparing numbers and groups using arrows to represent < and >, Reading and writing times to the half-hour, Measuring using inches and centimeters, Unit conversions for length, Liquid measurement, Story problems, Game playing (counting skills, following directions, etc.), Place value (hundreds, tens and ones),

Number sentences, Using symbols to represent numbers, Counting coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters), Addition up to three digits, Addition with regrouping, Addition with three addends, Subtraction up to three digits, Commutative property of addition and multiplication (1+2=2+1), Fractions (half), Attributes, Odd and Even, Number words (zero to twenty), Symmetry,  Multiplication by 2, Thermometer reading, Estimating time and temperature, Rounding numbers to the nearest ten, Making and reading charts, tables, and graphs.

First Grade Color Math Teacher’s Manual and Workbook Sample

The easy-to-use math lesson plans in the First Grade Color Math Teacher’s Manual give daily assignments. Lesson objectives are clearly stated at the beginning of the lesson so you’ll know exactly what you’re teaching. The Materials section of the lesson plan states the materials and manipulatives used in the lesson so you’ll be fully prepared to teach. Most lessons require very little advanced preparation. 

The McRuffy Press First Grade Color Math Workbook allows students to practice and demonstrate skills. Most pages contain two activities. Activities include place value, measuring, graphs, number writing, coin counting, skip counting, number lines, inequalities, reading thermometers, geometric puzzles, patterns, clock reading, Addition, Subtraction, and fractions of objects.

Play the Fly Away Game on the back cover. Game directions are inside the workbook and the Teacher’s Manual. You can also find a printable copy in the Resource Center on this website.

The Resource Pack contains an extensive collection of unbound materials. It includes additional activity sheets, unit tests, timed tests, games, laminated geoboards, posters, learning mats, number lines, attribute shapes, and precut cards. The Resource Pack expands the opportunities to learn and support instruction. 

The Manipulative Kit is not included in this package, but a package is available that includes both the curriculum and the manipulative kit.

Individual items in the kit are also available. If you teach children in multiple grade levels, a Color Math Super Kit is also available, so only one kit must be purchased. The Super Manipulative Kit only covers grades K to 4, but an upgrade kit can be added for a 5th-grade student. The 5th Upgrade contains an angle ruler, protractor, and compass. We also offer an upgrade from the Kindergarten Manipulative Kit to the First Grade Kit.

Super Kit, Upgrade Kits, and Grade Level Kits

Individual Manipulatives