First Grade SE Reading Book Set




The First Grade SE Reading Book Set contains 34 Reading Books that take students on a wonderful reading adventure. They will soar to new heights in reading with Super Pork, the only superhero with no super powers whatsoever! Violet the skunk will show students what happens If A Skunk Gets Scared. Discover a little girl’s secret in Emily Rose. Students will read a modern version of the tortoise and the hare in The Turtle and the Bunny. Flower the cow discovers a unique talent in Farmer Brown’s Cow. These are just a few of the 34 stories children will encounter in the program.

All books feature a word list on the back of each book. The words lists allow students to practice decoding words before reading the story. The list is also the basis of some word recognition activities combined with questions from the Teacher’s Manual.

Our phonics based readers contain a much greater variety of words than sight word readers. We try to incorporate as many different words as possible that fit the phonics theme (and still tell a good story). With proper phonics instruction, students do not need to memorize a long list of words. They are learning the process of decoding words. This greatly expands the child’s reading vocabulary, especially when the child begins to generalize the process of decoding.

See a sample reading book.