First Grade SE Spelling and Phonics Workbook




Lessons in the First Grade SE Spelling and Phonics Workbook are arranged in weeks. There are four pages of workbook activities per week. The fifth day of each week is a spelling test. The first day of each week will feature workbook activities that will require students to write each word at least once. The main objective is for students to become familiar with the words and the spelling patterns. Students do a variety of activities such as sorting words by word characteristics such as vowel sounds, sorting rhyming words, matching pictures, alphabetizing, and unscrambling words.

The other three lessons in each week feature a variety of activities. Activities include adding and using suffixes to spelling words, proofreading, change a letter problems, changing statements to questions or question to statements, cloze activities (filling in missing words in sentences), embedded words (finding spelling patterns in more complex words), spelling codes, grid boxes, clues, and analogies.