120 Days of Timed Tests Division Drills

McRuffy Press


ISBN 9781592693955

Are you searching for an enjoyable and efficient method to assist your child or student in mastering division? Look no further than the 120 Days of Division Timed Tests activity book!

Featuring division facts from 0 to 12, this book offers 120 days' worth of timed tests to help learners build fluency and confidence. With daily practice, children will quickly become division masters, able to recall the answers to even the most challenging division problems.

But this book isn't just about drilling facts - it also includes a fun and engaging game called Rabbit Trail Game on the back cover. Designed to reinforce multiplication skills playfully, this game will keep learners engaged and motivated.

Whether you're a parent looking to help your child succeed in math, or a teacher seeking a proven resource for your classroom, the 120 Days of Division Timed Tests activity book is a perfect choice. So order yours today and watch your child or student's division skills soar!

As a publisher of quality educational materials and curricula for over 30 years, McRuffy Press is committed to helping children learn and grow. So why wait? Order your copy of 120 Days of Timed Tests today and start your child on the path to great division skills!

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The book contains:

  • 6 sheets for each fact from 2 to 12
  • 2 sheets of divided by 1 fact practice
  • 8 sheets of periodic reviews of 4 mixed facts
  • 15 sheets of mixed facts from 1 to 12
  • Answer section
  • Rabbit Trail Game and cards

Free Printables! in our Resource Center: Before and After flashcards and game cards (flashcards with answers).