Second Grade Color Math Curriculum with Manipulative Kit




The Second Grade Color Math Second Edition curriculum uses a spiral approach. Concepts are introduced and reviewed throughout the year. This avoids the “learn it and forget it” structure of many curricula that segments concepts into units. Children grow and change throughout the year in their cognitive abilities. Concepts that may have been too abstract at one point in the year may suddenly “click” at another time of the year. Students don’t develop a resistance to math when encountering concepts they aren’t developmentally ready to understand because there is always something in the lesson they will understand. 

2nd Grade concepts include addition and subtraction (up to four digits) with regrouping, adding up to four numbers, Roman Numerals, multiplication facts, division facts to 4, reading thermometers, measuring, counting money, place value to ten thousand, introduction to fractions, geometric reasoning, telling time to the nearest five minutes, odd and even numbers. The daily auditory exercises (using the Response Book) help build listening skills.

The Second Grade Color Math Curriculum and Manipulative Kit package includes:

  • Teacher’s Manuals
  • Workbook
  • Response Book
  • Resource Pack
  • Manipulative Kit

The teacher’s manual is published in two parts. Part 1 covers lessons 1 to 80. Part 2 covers lessons 81 to 160.

The easy-to-use math lesson plans in the Second Grade Color Math Teacher’s Manual give daily assignments. Lesson objectives are clearly stated at the beginning of the lesson so you’ll know exactly what you’re teaching. The Materials section of the lesson plan states the materials and manipulatives used in the lesson so you’ll be fully prepared to teach. Most lessons require very little advanced preparation. 

The teacher’s manual is published in two parts. Part 1 covers lessons 1 to 80. Part 2 covers lessons 81 to 160.

Teacher's Manual Sample

The McRuffy Press Second Grade Color Math Workbook gives students the opportunity to practice and demonstrate skills. Most pages contain two activities. Activities include place value, measuring, graphs, number writing, coin counting, skip counting, number lines, inequalities, reading thermometers, geometric puzzles, patterns, clock reading, addition, subtraction, and fractions of objects.

The back of the workbook features the Bee Trail Game to practice skills in the workbook using game formats. Directions are inside the workbook and the Teacher's Manuals. A printable copy is in the Resource Center on this website.

Workbook Sample

Beginning in the Second Grade Color Math Curriculum, students grow in mental math skills and listening skills using our unique Response Book. Students write responses to the teacher read auditory exercises. Students record answers with dry-erase markers on a clear plastic sheet. Answers are recorded against a background of boxes and then flipped to an answer page. Students can check their own answers. The format is non-consumable. The daily auditory exercises help build listening skills.

The Resource Pack contains an extensive collection of unbound materials. It includes additional activity sheets, unit tests, timed tests, games, laminated geoboards, posters, learning mats, number lines, and precut cards. The Resource Pack expands the opportunities to learn and support instruction. 

The manipulative kit has everything you need to fully utilize the Second and Third Grade Grade Color Math Curriculum. Manipulatives make the concepts come alive. The kit includes:

  • Transparent Counting chips
  • Base Ten set (100 cubes, 20 Rods, 1 Flat)
  • 10 Base Ten Flat Cards
  • 50 Pattern Blocks
  • Clock Dial
  • 2 Tangram Sets
  • Geoboard
  • Fraction Piece Set
  • Pentomino Set
  • Game Playing Piece Set
  • 12 One Inch Cubes

Individual Manipulatives are also available. Kit contents may vary from the picture, such color and packaging.