Second Grade SE Reading Book Set




The 28 Reading Books take students on a wonderful reading adventure. The Second Grade SE Phonics and Reading Book Set includes 28 Reading Books to take students to a new level of reading ability. Some old favorites from the 1st grade level are back. Elaine and Emily Rose make and solve new problems. Jonathan has a Not-So-Great-Great-Week that he’s ready to tell you about. Find out the secret of a dog’s talent in Francis Dances. A boy named Benny finds out how little a penny can buy in Benny’s Pennies. Two hedgehogs hunt for the ingredients to their favorite snack and then share the recipe with you in Hedgehog Fudge. A girl named Mary solves a big problem in Mary, Whiskers, and the Whale.

Our phonics based readers contain a greater variety of words than sight words readers. We try to incorporate as many different words as possible that fit the phonics theme (and still tell a good story). With proper phonics instruction, students do not need to memorize a long list of words. They are learning the process of decoding words. This greatly expands the child’s reading vocabulary, especially when the child begins to generalize the process of decoding.

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