Third Grade Science Curriculum


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The Third Grade Science Curriculum Package includes:

  • Teacher's Manual
  • Workbook
  • Resource Pack

The lab kit is not included in this package, but a package with the lab kit is available.

Lab Kits and Lab Kit Upgrades are available here.

New concepts in Third Grade include Inference & Observation, Animal Groups, Transfer of Heat and Cold, Changes in the Earth's Surface, Systems and Subsystems, Body Systems, Simple Machines and Forces, Earth Materials, Position and Motion, Habitats, Science & Technology, Nutrition & Health, Matter & Mixtures, Planets, and the Sun, and more - see the scope & sequence in the pdf sample.

Third Science Samples

Detailed daily lesson plans in the Teacher’s Manual clearly state the objectives, tell what is needed to prepare for the lessons, and give clear directions on how to teach the concepts. In addition, evaluation standards are presented for each unit.

The Workbook provides colorful activities to reinforce concepts taught in the lessons. The Third Grade Workbook contains both activities and articles. The articles are designed to help build content reading skills and science knowledge.

The Resource Pack features copy masters, card activities, cards, posters, games boards, and more.