Third Grade Reading Book 2




Third Grade Reading Book 2 contains stories for lessons 81 to 160. The format of the Third Grade Reading Books changes from the previous levels. Rather than individual weekly books, stories have been combined into two volumes. Reading assignments use all original stories from McRuffy Press. The stories introduce third graders to the world of chapter books. Instead of reading a story several times a week, students read several different chapters in a week.

The books feature a variety of stories. Characters from previous levels are featured in the books as well as many new ones. From the off-the-wall humor of the Bobcat Cowboys to a historical fiction story about the Underground Railroad, students will discover just how much fun reading can be. They’ll share in the adventures of a homeschooled family that opens a cafe’ and a silly goose named Rufus who solves the mystery of the missing swan, plus many other stories.

The only differences between the curriculum's Christian and Public School versions are found in the first reading book. Stories were edited in the Christian version to remove religious instruction for the Public School version. All other materials in the curriculum are acceptable for Christian or Public School use. Homeschoolers who do not want a Christian version should select the Public School version.

Reading Book Samples (Samples from both volumes)