Addition & Subtraction Before and After Drills

McRuffy Press


ISBN 9781592693865

Boost your child's math skills with our Addition and Subtraction activity book! This innovative book drills both addition and subtraction on every page, providing a comprehensive learning experience. With clear instructions, engaging exercises, and game playing, your child will love practicing their math skills. Perfect for kids aged 5 to 10, this activity book is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their addition and subtraction skills. Start your child on the path to math success today with our Addition & Subtraction Before And After drills.

What is an addition & subtraction before and after math drill?

It's a smart and efficient way to master basic addition and subtraction facts. It's a drill that helps students relate a subtraction problem with an addition problem using the same number family. Students can learn both addition and subtraction in the same math drill. After finding the sum of an addition problem, students solve a subtraction problem using the same numbers.

Students can master both addition and subtraction at the same time or readily apply addition knowledge to learning subtraction because the drills build a conceptual understanding between addition and subtraction. Students work through a series of drills for each number fact. After the zero facts, students follow the increasing randomization of facts within the page. Periodic reviews mix the facts through a series of drills.

The top section of each page is a practice section. The bottom section is a 24-problem test that mixes the order of the facts in various ways. Each section includes a line to record the time it took to complete the section and a score.

The back cover features a facts 
flashcard game with included facts flashcards in the back of the book. See the inside cover for information about additional printables.

Free Printables! in our Resource Center: Before and After flashcards and game cards (flashcards with answers).