Fifth Grade Spelling and Vocabulary Workbook

McRuffy Press



The Fifth Grade Spelling and Vocabulary Workbook will increase vocabulary levels while learning to spell more complex words. Five workbook pages per weekly list have some phonetic or spelling theme, such as a common vowel sound syllable, suffix, or prefix.

The exercises follow a general pattern:

  • Day 1: Word introduction, such as writing words as syllables to emphasize simple syllables within complex words.
  • Day 2: Going beyond the list, students explore variations of words, grammar, or related words.
  • Day 3: Students use words in the context of sentences to emphasize meaning.
  • Day 4: This is our variety day. Exercises might emphasize sentence usage or meaning.
  • Day 5: Students write words based on clues (short informal definitions).

The back of the workbook is the Turtle Hunt Game. Directions are in the workbook and Teacher's Manual. In addition, printable directions are in the Resource Center on this website.

Fifth Grade Spelling and Vocabulary Sample (Teacher's Manual, Workbook, Dictionary)