Foam Pattern Blocks

Learning Advantage


LEA 7124

Foam Pattern Blocks feature the same sizes and shapes as our wooden and plastic blocks so they can be mixed and matched. Foam manipulatives are great for a quieter environment. At about half the price of wood or plastic, foam sets are also a very economical alternative with this set of 250 pieces.

Pattern blocks are the simplest puzzle pieces. Sets have 6 shapes with one inch sides, each with its own color. The interrelationships between pieces allow children to find many solutions to the puzzle mats and other geometric and pattern activities. Shapes and colors are yellow hexagons, orange squares, green triangles, blue rhombuses, narrower tan rhombuses, and red trapezoids.

Use Pattern Blocks to teach geometry, symmetry, fractions, and more. Six shapes and six colors. Each block is 1 cm (3/8) thick.