Fourth Grade Writing Skills Workbook




Replaces Reading and Writing Workbook 9781592692415

The McRuffy Press Fourth Grade Language Arts Writing Skills Workbook teaches writing skills as a part of the McRuffy Press Fourth Grade Language Arts Curriculum. It replaces the Reading and Writing workbook. It contains the complete Reading and Writing Workbook but adds new exciting content.

The Fourth Grade Writing Skills Workbook starts with the Inspiration Section. This contains writing tips (along with the tips on the back of the workbook), story starters, poem starters, and pick-a-picture story starters (you can pick them all, so you really don’t have to choose).

These activities can be done at any time, and activities can be repeated. This is the part of the book where students are encouraged to let their creativity flow and their imagination go wild! So, have fun, learn, and create excellent writing!

The rest of the book is the Reading and Writing workbook pages that build even more writing skills and uses stories from the other parts of the curriculum, including reading books, spelling words, and vocabulary words. It’s an opportunity to use what you are learning!

In the Reading and Writing section, writing activities are based on the reading books. Activities help develop reading skills, reading evaluation, comprehension, outlining, story elements, graphic organizers, content reading skills, creative writing, and writing for other purposes.

Not all lessons have workbook pages since it is part of a complete curriculum.

See the Reading and Writing sample pages.