Kindergarten Science Lab Kit (Same as First Grade)




The K-1 Science Lab Kit is non-consumable and the same kit is used in the Kindergarten and 1st Grade curriculum. Upgrade kits are available beyond 1st grade. The kit includes:

  • Magnet collection: magnet wand, 2 small bar magnets, and 3 ring magnets
  • Magnifier
  • Safety Mirror
  • 20 Piece Pattern Block Set
  • 3 Alligator Clip Wires
  • Ping Pong Ball
  • Wooden Ball
  • Wire Rimmed Color Chips
  • Bulb Holder and Bulb
  • Wooden Ring Magnet Stand
  • Miscellaneous Pieces
Note: The iron filing tube and petri dish pictured in the photograph are no longer used in the curriculum and are no longer in the kit.

    Other common items are used in the curriculum, but not included in the lab kit in order to keep the cost to a minimum.