Kindgergarten Color Math Resource Pack




The Kindergarten Color Math Resource Pack contains an extensive collection of unbound materials. It includes:

  • Additional Activity Sheets
  • Timed Tests
  • Games
  • Laminated Geoboards
  • Posters
  • Learning Mats
  • Number Lines
  • A Large Collection of Pre-cut Cards.

The pack contains seven game boards that are introduced in a lesson but used as often as you choose. Plus other games can be played with cards in the huge card set. The Teacher's Manual contains a detailed list of cards that help you quickly identify what you need. Cards are precut and ready to go. Students interact with some laminated pages with dry erase markers. Forty-nine copy masters are included. Many of these are activities from our previous edition that were just too good to take out of print. We've numbered them with Color Math lesson numbers so you can know the best time to use them to expand practice opportunities.