Kindergarten Science Curriculum




The McRuffy Press Kindergarten Science Curriculum Package includes the following:

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Workbook
  • Resource Pack

Kindergarten Science Samples (Teacher's Manual, Workbook, Resource Pack)

The McRuffy Science series teaches life science, earth science, physical science, and scientific inquiry in an engaging approach that is very activity oriented. Students think and learn like scientists through hands-on activities and demonstrations. As a result, students experience science and learn to be a scientist. The kindergarten level is not dependent on reading skills.

The program is designed to teach science for an entire year per grade level. Two lessons a week are taught for 33 weeks. Other daily activities are also suggested, such as weather monitoring.

The McRuffy Kindergarten Science Curriculum is a complete science program that allows students to discover science in the world around them with engaging activities, lessons, and materials that are aligned with national science standards and several state standards. The curriculum contains 66 lessons that can be taught twice a week for 33 weeks or more often in one semester.

The McRuffy Kindergarten Science concepts include:

  • Weather
  • Attributes
  • Animals and their environments
  • Measuring length, volume, and weight (beginning skills
  • Plant parts and growth
  • The Five Senses
  • Magnets
  • Simple Systems
  • Mirrors and Reflections
  • Color Composition
  • And more - see the scope & sequence in the pdf samples

The Kindergarten Science Teacher's Manual will guide you through thoughtful discussions about life science, physical science, earth science, and scientific inquiry. The manual will show you how to use the K Science curriculum materials to your learners' greatest advantage. Using a format consistent with other McRuffy curricula, you'll know what to teach and what materials you'll need for teaching with the Objectives and Materials sections. The Teaching section provides some lesson scripting, directions, and illustrations of materials used. Evaluation standards are provided at the end of units. Coil bound to fold flat.

The McRuffy Kindergarten Science Workbook is not a textbook but an interactive teaching tool. Workbook activities connect to science experiments, provide a response form to teacher questions, start discussions, organize manipulative activities, and include cut-and-paste answers.

The simple, colorful format is friendly to young students. Coil bound to fold flat.

The Resource Pack is a collection of unbound material, including card activities, photo cards, posters, games boards, and more.

Photo cards in the Resource Pack are used to direct discussion and teach classification. Weather Charts help students record daily weather observations. Students combine primary colors to form secondary colors on the color wheel. A game reviews the life cycle of frogs and butterflies.


The K-1 Science Lab Kit is not included in this package, but a package with the kit is available.

Lab Kits and Lab Kit Upgrades are available here.