Color Math Manipulative Super Kit (Grades K to 4)


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Do you plan on using McRuffy Color Math for many grade levels?

All the manipulatives you'll need for grades K to 4 are available in one kit so you won't need to upgrade through the years. The Color Math Super Kit is also a great idea if you're teaching two or more children in different grade levels to avoid buying kits with duplicate items.

Exact contents may vary from the picture, such as color variations and packaging.

McRuffy Color Math Manipulative Super Kit Includes:


  • 1 Base Ten Flat
  • 10 Base Ten Flat Cards
  • 20 Base Ten Rods
  • 100 Base Ten Centimeter Cubes
  • 20 10-color Centimeter Cubes
  • Geoboard with Rubber Bands
  • Clock Dial
  • 12 Piece Pentomino Set
  • 51 Piece Fraction Set
  • 2 Sets (7 Piece) Tangram Set
  • Transparent Counting Chips
  • 30 Animal Counters
  • 3 Dice
  • 50 Plastic Pattern Blocks (Open Style)
  • 12 One Inch Cubes
  • Playing Pieces (Pawns)
  • Pattern Block Mirror
  • Measuring Cup (100 ml)