Number Writing with Place Value 1-120

McRuffy Press


ISBN 9781592693887

Get ready for a fun and educational journey with Number Writing With Place Value 1 to 120. With cute and friendly counting bears leading the way, your child will enjoy practicing writing numbers while expanding their understanding of place value.

This book is designed to help your child master the important concepts of place value and number writing while providing a warm and friendly learning environment. The back cover includes a game for more learning fun.

Each page of the book features a number word to trace, a place value chart, and numbers expressed in ones, tens, and hundreds. The numbers are modeled with base ten representations, making it easy for your child to understand and visualize the relationships between numbers. The book also includes three lines of numbers to trace, as well as a blank line for independent practice, ensuring that your child will get plenty of opportunities to put their newfound skills into practice.

This book is designed to meet first-grade standards, with numbers going beyond 100 to show the pattern of tens and ones up to 120. It aligns with the Common Core standards of 1.NBT.1 and 1.NBT.2, ensuring that your child will receive a comprehensive education that will help them succeed in the future.

Number Writing With Place Value 1 to 120 is the perfect choice for parents looking for a warm, friendly, and educational tool to help their child master the fundamentals of place value and number writing. So why wait? Get your copy today and help your child take the first steps toward a successful future in math!


  • One sheet for each number from 1 - 120
  • Back cover game board and 1-120 number chart
  • Game ideas and directions
  • Coloring pages
  • 125 pages

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