Preschool Color Math Curriculum with Manipulative Kit


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The McRuffy Preschool Color Math Curriculum Package includes the following:

  • Teacher's Manual
  • Workbook
  • Puzzle Book
  • Resource Pack
  • Manipulative Kit

A package that does not include the Manipulative Kit is available here.

    The Teacher's Manual details simple, short foundational math tasks that keep telling to a minimum and involves children in doing. You can do single or multiple tasks in a day as your child grows into formal learning instruction. The color-coded system allows you to choose activities quickly that focus on many different math tasks. The lessons not only tell how to teach but why.

    The Purpose section tells what the task is accomplished.

    The Materials section helps you know what materials are needed at a glance.

    The Teaching section gives you the directions you need to turn abstract math concepts into experiences young children can understand.

    Teacher's Manual Sample

    Six animal characters lead children on a math adventure in the Color Math Workbook. The Teacher's Manual contains multiple ways to use the workbook activities. The sheets aren't one-and-done; they're entirely reusable without copying with our flip & draw format. A clear plastic flip sheet coil bound into the back cover can be flipped onto any workbook page. The child can then use dry-erase markers to complete the exercises without consuming the page. This allows the same page to be completed several times for practice. The pages can also be reused using different instructions and sometimes for other purposes. The laminated back cover features drawing practice for shapes and number writing practice using erasable markers.

    Workbook Sample

    The Preschool Puzzle Book emphasizes early geometric reasoning. Children repeat designs on the page using three kinds of math manipulatives.

    With Cube Design Puzzles, students match the color and design patterns using one-inch cubes on the cube puzzles.

    Pattern Block Puzzles feature one page with a complete design showing all the pieces used and the second page of just the outline.

    The Tangram Puzzles feature a similar format. One page shows interior lines, and the opposing page show just an outline. This allows the puzzles to be used at various skill levels.

    The coil-bound book can be folded flat so students can see both pages simultaneously. However, folding the completed design to the back can increase the difficulty of completing just the outline.

    Puzzle Book Sample

    The Resource Pack includes a variety of materials. Six game boards emphasize number recognition, counting, patterns, and shapes. In addition, precut card sets are used throughout the curriculum for counting, number recognition, shape recognition, patterning, game playing, and more. The pack contains over 150 cards. Additional pages include planning sheets to help you plan and track lessons. PDF Planning Sheets are available here.


    The Preschool Color Math Manipulative Kit includes:

    • 20 Pattern Block Pieces
    • Tangram Set
    • 30 Animal Counters
    • 12 One Inch Cubes
    • Game Piece Set (Pawns and Dice)

    The kit can be upgraded to the Kindergarten Color Math Kit by simply adding a Clock Dial and Base Ten Cubes (20 Cubes - 10 Colors). Individual Manipulatives